Sunday, 25 Aug, 1.40 am RVCJ

This 60 Year Old Supermodel Is Giving A Tough Time To The Young Models

As we all know Modelling is about building representatives of the real world with the dash of creativity and it is also said there is a certain age for modelling.

But this 60-year-old Supermodel is breaking all the norms and rules. Dinesh Mohan is definitely giving the young stars a run for their money, the 60-year-old man is best known for his stylish attire & personality and he is motivating older people to stay fit.

Mohan had a eating disorder which made him gain a lot of weight and he was 128 kgs. He wanted to stay to fit so he lost 50 kgs. Dinesh realised he wasn't happy with his life the way it was going so he decided to change his presence since then his fitness journey started.

Dinesh did his first photoshoot in 2016 since then their is no looking back for him. He has walked several ramps and is acing his modelling career.

Well, lets praise the man for his sheer dedication from being bed ridden to becoming a fashion icon. These pictures are going to definitely motive you for a better lifestyle:











Way to go sir!

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