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Born With Cleft Lip, Divya Redefines Beauty Standards With Veda Earth

And we're back with another story.

Today we have with us Divya Dinesh. Divya is committed to turning her ideas into a reality. At 25 she built a successful business and is living a life she dreamT of. I hope her story inspires you and leaves you feeling fired up, ready to achieve incredible things!

Here are the some highlights from our interview with Divya.


"Being born with cleft lip made me realize how small imperfections can bring down people's confidence."

"I have had very sensitive skin since long time which made more than half the products available in the market, not suitable for me as they used to cause irritation and burning on my skin including ones which were made for sensitive skin."

"I tried even those products that claimed to be organic or natural. My search for personal care products that didn't irritate my skin, led me to Aromatherapy."

"My family has always been inclined towards natural remedies or alternative medicine mostly because of my mom's positive influence on us. My mom Asha, for many years suffered from debilitating migraines that left her unable to get through a single normal day. She found long lasting relief only from Aromatherapy and Alternative medicine. Ever since, whenever we have had any problem we have always tried natural remedies first and then the modern medicine, not the other way round."

"After I learnt Aromatherapy I started making my own blends of oils and using it as an alternative to moisturizers."


"What started as facial oil, hair oil and pain relief oil for myself and my family, giving it out to my friends and relatives. I started getting good feedback from them encouraging me to make it an official brand. Thus, started my journey to create VedaEarth."


"We wanted a name (one word) that is traditional yet modern. Also if you see the letter E, is shaped like an oil drop as essential oils is something we use in all our products. We give ancient knowledge a new meaning with our products."

"Ours is a brand, that harnesses the collective wisdom and goodness of nature - Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, and traditions of yore, to create a vibrant, innovative, exclusive range of products. Our products offer healing, benefit, and beauty. Beauty is inherent, and we believe that our products will redefine beautiful, by making you feel beautiful."

"We bring a contemporary twist to the classics, by taking traditional. sometimes almost medicinal concepts and remedies and give them a modern makeover. We create products for the savvy, conscious and conscientious consumer of today. Our products are multi dimensional in nature. You'll find goodness - in each and every bottle."

"It is for everyone basically but especially for those looking for that small boost to help unmask their natural beautiful self."


"There were various factors that acted as inspiration behind VedaEarth. I wanted to change the perception of beauty that people have in mind and also create products for the modern woman who is conscious about what goes on her skin as much as she is about what she eats/ drinks."

"I wanted women to feel good about themselves feel intelligent, inspired, empowered about themselves and give the same vibes to everyone around them."

"I'm also a huge animal lover and hated to use products which were said to have been tested on animals. They deserve to be free without undergoing torture; be it for taking ingredients from them or testing products on them. That's why I decided all our products should be Vegan - good for people, good for animals as well."


"We have a range of 14 products consisting of Facial oils, Hair oil, Pain oil, Face packs, Handmade Soaps & Bath Salts."

"You don't need an array of products for your hair, skin or body. Our multi-benefit products do the work of many in just a single application. Our products not only work on your body but also on the mind, by engaging your senses with their soothing, invigorating, or calming properties derived via Aromatherapy."

"All VedaEarth products are 100% vegan. In addition, we do not use any other animal products or by-products such as eggs, dairy products, honey, lanolin, beeswax and silk. We are completely against cruelty to animals hence do not test our products on animals."


"The biggest challenge at the time of starting VedaEarth was during the creation of the products. We believe in giving genuinely good quality products and being transparent with our customers. All the oils were tested even at the vendor selection stage as you find lot of adulterated ingredients nowadays. This helped us in narrowing down good quality suppliers even though the cost was higher as we want to give a good product."

"Also, during our search we looked out for organic ingredients. There were suppliers ready to give us so called 'organic' ingredients but refused to provide any certification. Makes you rethink what you can believe on. We didn't want to use and claim something we are not so we went with only those ingredients as organic for which we got certificates. That's why we are not 100% organic and we are open about it."

"The present challenges that we are facing and has always been there since the inception of the concept is getting people to believe, when we say oil is the solution to your problems. Also, when we say oil is good for oily skin especially in tropical climate like in India."


"Being genuine and letting your products speak for itself is the only way in today's world. People are more knowledgeable and want to know why they have to use your product. If you try to tell them too much they may doubt your authenticity. And if you tell too little then they need more information to be convinced into buying."

"We talk about the benefits of the ingredients and the science behind how oils work. It takes time but in the long run this is the only way to truly capture the customer's heart and, of course with great customer service post sale. You can't lose the customer after the sale."


"Initially I thought it was difficult to run a business, but that was just in my head. In fact it is an advantage being a women, as we are more emotionally intelligent. We are perceptive about thoughts, feelings and about the people around us. And in a start-up the people factor is very important in getting the best out of your team."


"Everyone of us has been there! We react, sometimes shout, get upset, get dejected but that's natural, after all we are human. There have been times when I have thought of giving up but it is in those times that others come to your aid. Their encouraging words, and shining light on alternatives brings me back on track. Once in a while you require that push to get going. In that way I'm lucky to have a great family and team who think for the good of the company and care for each other."

"One saying my dad always quotes is very apt in this context: If there are two people in the room who always agree on the same things then one of them is not needed. And if there are two people who always disagree then both of them are not needed. It takes some work to get that balance."


"People treat you the way, you want to be treated. A little confidence goes a long way. Before expecting something from others expect the same from yourself. And it's never too late to start anything. Choose the right people in your journey preferably people who believe in the same cause as you. If you don't get the people quotient right then no amount of effort will feel right. You are intelligent, inspiring, empowering!"

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