Born With Cleft Lip, Divya Redefines Beauty Standards With Veda Earth

Monday, 16 Jan, 1.13 am

And we're back with another story.

Today we have with us Divya Dinesh. Divya is committed to turning her ideas into a reality. At 25 she built a successful business and is living a life she dreamT of. I hope her story inspires you and leaves you feeling fired up, ready to achieve incredible things!

Here are the some highlights from our interview with Divya.


"Being born with cleft lip made me realize how small imperfections can bring down people's confidence."

"I have had very sensitive skin since long time which made more than half the products available in the market, not suitable for me as they used to cause irritation and burning on my skin including ones which were made for sensitive skin."

"I tried even those products that claimed to be organic or natural.