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Importance Of Making Notes For IAS Exam

Making notes play an important role in the UPSC exam. You are already aware of the fact that IAS has a vast syllabus. Also, it carries a wide range of subjects.

It would be very difficult to retain every information without making notes. Do you think it is easy to revise the entire syllabus without notes? Of course, No!

This is the point where the need for notes arise. In fact, it is an art you must learn being an IAS aspirant. You should have good decision-making power. So that add only what is needed and ignore the rest.

There are a handful of reputed institutes that offer UPSC Coaching in Mumbai . In turn, they also take care of guiding the students about making notes. But still learn why you need to make notes during exam preparation.

Never Make Notes In First Time Reading

Focus on reading the recommended textbooks in the first place. Do not make notes during your first time reading. It is really not recommended.

You are actually not aware of the subjects and syllabus involved. Without having a basic structure in mind, how can you even think of taking notes?

Please remember, you will be referring to the notes in the later stages for revision purpose. Instead, you can either highlight or underline the points.

Make notes while reading the same topic for the second time. Now, you can do it well for sure!

How Does Notes Help During The Revision Period?

Here is the first question you get in mind. Is it necessary to make short notes? Will it not be a time waste? I have already enquired about the ! They will only provide me the notes.

Yes! You might be right. The reputed institutes help students by providing well-structured notes. However, you also need to make short notes during preparation.

It takes time and is a lengthy procedure. But, worth doing it. Along with the other materials, prepare the customized notes based on your preparation flow. Keep the other notes just as a reference.

Now, the process of revision becomes extremely simple. You can finish revising the entire syllabus in the last 3 to 4 days before the exam. It all depends on how well you have framed the notes.

Current Affairs Notes Making

You come across hundreds of articles when reading the newspaper. Am I right? UPSC exam is all about analytical and logical questions.

You need to link the information of news article with the syllabus topics. Some of the good provides the notes even for current affairs.

Along with that material, you also need to make points based on your analysis. This helps you to develop the answer writing skills too. When you do so, you will start interlinking the different topics as explained above.

Later, it will be extremely easy for you to include these points in the answer. It will fetch you higher marks than just mugging up the ready-made notes.

Golden Tips To Implement

Update your notes as per the syllabus. It is very important! Some topics are dynamic in nature. So, it needs to have fresh information always. Ultimately, you will get full information about the topic in a single place.

Just a small tip for you. Use different colors for headings and subheadings. It improves your memory power. Also, it would be better if you make notes using the digital medium. There is no fear of losing it.

Students tend to write in sheets of paper. Finally, missing some pieces in between and struggle for recalling those particular points.

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