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Women's School of Entrepreneurship will opens doors for last miles girls and women's toward entrepreneurship

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Women have the ability to run a company and have entrepreneurship potential. But due to lack of opportunities and information, she is unable to showcase her talent. Now the Women's School of Entrepreneurship has been established to try to empower women by helping them in educating entrepreneurship and startups.

Women School of Entrepreneurship(WSE) is a section 8, non-profit company registered as Womenia Chakra Foundation, which aims to create,leverage and nurture the last mile girls and women entrepreneurial leadership talent in India's social,entrepreneurial and startups sector by educating them about entrepreneurship.

Women School of Entrepreneurship was founded by Ranjan Mistry, renowned first generation Serial Social entrepreneur from Bihar with the aim of creating a learning and entrepreneurial leadership development organisation that will help build and strengthen last mile girls and women entrepreneurial leadership capacity for India's social and startup sector. In November 2020, Deepti Kiran,Juhi Smita, Md. Amanullah joined it as a co-founder.

"I have been working with last mile girls and women, and realize that there is a need for such schools which provide tools of entrepreneurship and help them to fly.Although,these last miles and girls will not afford costlier courses, and also language is a barrier.That's why we have been coming in their schools,colleges , universities and village level in their vernacular level,so they can understand it and implement it. We have been collaborating with School,colleges, Universities, NGO and Government to deliver this program" Said Ranjan Mistry, Founder, Women School of Entrepreneurship

WSE will enable girls and women leaders from various sectors-such as schools,colleges, corporates, and government services- to make a meaningful contribution to the social and startup sector; we also offer capacity building opportunities for leaders in the social sector. They endeavour to build critical entrepreneurial and leadership skills that will allow us as a sector to create better, more innovative and sustainable solutions for greater impact, at scale.

WSE came up with 3 programs for Nine Days such as Kanyapreneurship for school going girls; Herpreneurship for college,university & startups founders girls & women and Didipreneurship for rural women & entrepreneurs. Under these programs, they will provide entrepreneurship skills, tools and techniques for nine days in their campus such as schools,colleges or universities to the last mile girls and women.

They also came up with three fellowships namely WSE Fellowship; Womenia Fellowship; Women and Women Innovation Fellowship.WSE fellowship is coming into 2 cycles for two months each; one in summer and one in winter.Under this fellowship, fellows will be assigned to work on real case studies of enterprises, then these case studies will be published and used as a study material by the Indian Students.Womaniya Fellowship is a year long fellowship under which fellows will be assigned to our partners Enterprises, NGO and Startups to learn new things.Women Innovation Fellowship is a year long fellowship under which fellows will directly work in Womenia Chakra Foundation.

"We are also coming with online courses in most vernacular language which last miles girls and women can understand it easily and apply it.Beside this,Women School of Entrepreneurship also came up with regular campaigns for boosting the ecosystem such as Stri - Women Entrepreneurship Awareness Program; Antrik - Intrapreneurship Awareness Program and Sarthi - Entrepreneurship Enabler Awareness Program." Said Md. Amanullah, Co-founder, Women School of Entrepreneurship

The RBI has stated in its report that only 5.9% of startup founders are women. India is ranked 52nd among 57 countries in the Index of Women Enterprise 2019.In the coming years, more and more women entrepreneurs will come, to provide basic information and training. We provide capacity building opportunities to make a meaningful contribution in the social and startup sector by training girls and women from various fields such as - schools, colleges, corporates.

"Despite the possibility of women in a startup or entrepreneurship, their participation is low. Our goal is to use their potential properly. There are more possibilities of entrepreneurship from rural backgrounds, hence targeting it and working towards empowerment." Said Deepti Kiran, Co-founder, Women School of Entrepreneurship

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