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2nd Early Childhood Education Colloquium Focuses Key Issues Concerning Young Children

The 2nd Early Childhood Education Colloquium was organized at India Habitat Center, New Delhi on 16th December 2017 By Early Childhood Association (ECA) to focus on key issues concerning young children.

The 2nd early Childhood Education Colloquium was organized at India Habitat Center, New Delhi on 16th December 2017 By Early Childhood Association (ECA). The Colloquium focused on key issues like safety of young children, addiction to screens and how to reduce the stress of learning in the early years to nurture life skills in children so that they grow up as resilient youth who can contribute positively to the development of their families and country.

Dr. Swati Popat Vats, President of ECA said "It is important to rely on teaching & parenting 'instinct' rather than copying what other parents and schools are doing. Aspirational value is driving the society rather than the sound judgment of what is good or bad for our own kids. As a result, there is a lot of stress from early childhood onwards affecting the resilience of young generation. There is an urgent need to address such issues by engaging with early childhood educators, parents, and policymakers, and that is what we aim to achieve by organizing such events "

Dr Vats spoke on the important topic of Nurturing Resilient Children and Youth & how the 3 S -safety, stress, and screen addiction impact resilience.

Dr Swaroop Sampat Rawal (Actor and former Miss India), Member-Central Advisory Board of Education & VP, ECA spoke about Effective Communication skills in early childhood education

The other Key speakers at the Colloquium were, Mr Subir Shukla, Quality Advisor, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan, Ministry of Human Res Development, Ms Susanna Goho-Quek, Artist and author of Children's picture books, Ms Sonal Ahuja, Founder, House of Learning & Director, Shri Ram Foundation Pre School, Ms Bina Kapoor, ELT Consultant-NCERT & Author-CBSE ICSE, Children fiction & trainer, Ms Anuradha Govind, Principal, JM International School & Jt. Secretary- Delhi State PSACWA, Ms Nisha Jain Grover, Founder and Director, Vatsalya Legacy Pvt. Ltd.

A Panel Discussion on 'Whether the children are safer at Home or School' was also organized at the conference with ideas, experiences, and suggestions from experts, educators, and parents on the issue.

The outcome of the conference was-

1. Principals and teachers agreed that safety should become a part of teacher training programs.

2. There is a strong need to define curriculum parameters for nursery schools. ECA will formulate one for member schools to follow.

3. More parent education initiatives will be taken by schools.

4. Schools realized that just putting CCTV cameras is not going to ensure safety and that teachers and parents will be educated about monitoring and risk assessment,

5. Steps of teaching reading and writing to be understood by schools and parents to reduce stress on children