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    Is Congress Going To Play Second Fiddle In Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

    The Karnataka verdict has opened vast possibilities in the national politics too. No doubt, with B.S. Yeddyurappa's resignation, there are important political lessons which will be important for Lok Sabha Elections scheduled next year. There is no denying the fact that Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala was not at all wrong in inviting BJP to form the government as the...

    • 13 hrs ago
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    Petrol And Diesel Prices Touch Record High Prices

    Yesterday, petrol prices touched a record high of Rs 76.24 per liter and diesel climbed to its highest ever level of Rs 67.57 per liter. Due to four weeks of the relentless rise in international oil prices, the hike in oil prices was imminent. There is less oil production in Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) countries. No doubt, middle-class people are certainly going to suffer...

    • 14 hrs ago
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    Shocking! Ex-Cop Suspects Dawood Ibrahim Behind Sridevi's Mysterious Death And It's A Planned Murder!

    A retired ACP of Delhi Police has brought some startling facts about actress Sridevi's mysterious death in Dubai which Dubai police had reported due to accidental drowning in the bathroom. Ved Bhushan, who runs a private investigative agency, came up with an opinion that Sridevi's death looked like a planned murder. He further said...

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    Karnataka Election: BJP May Retain Power In Karnataka, By Executing This Masterstroke

    Karnataka Election: What the Indians witnessed a few hours ago was quintessential on how the people's mandate was thrown into the dustbin. The unholy alliance finally succeeded in pulling down the party that emerged as the single largest in Karnataka. Soon after getting the invitation from the governor, the Congress-JD (S) alliance will execute its...

    • 15 hrs ago
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    This Is Why Aamir Khan Refused To Play Rajkumar Hirani's Biopic On Sanjay Dutt, 'Sanju'

    Rajkumar Hirani's biopic on Sanjay Dutt, 'Sanju' has been generating the right amount of curiosity among the people. The movie that depicts Sanjay Dutt's life in three different three stages like- His life's drug addict phase, his many love affairs, and most crucial phase of his life when he was sent to jail under TADA case, has been...

    • 15 hrs ago
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    Narendra Modi In Kashmir: Significance

    PM Narendra Modi visited three districts of Kashmir. He inaugurated Zoji La tunnel which has provided a link between Leh, Srinagar, and Kargil. The inauguration of the Kishenganga Power project was also done along with Pakal Dul project in Kishtwar. No doubt, these two projects are certainly going raise protests from Pakistan. Narendra Modi repeated old fallacy 'development, development and...

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    Modi Ji Outsmarted Congress Neither Bite Nor Swallow JDS

    Karnataka Elections: Whenever one is in search of water in a desert and if suddenly he/she finds some water but unfortunately it is dirty and not potable but still the foolish loner in the desert finds lots of joy in their discovery can be called nothing but an act of foolishness. He or she may not be aware of the fact that the next moment they are going to die of dehydration and hence...

    • 19 hrs ago
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    Re-Poll Of Re-Polls: Democracy Under Threat In Bengal

    In the recently concluded Panchayat Elections in Bengal, people have voted in favor of TMC. Well, that is definitely one side of the story. The rural domain of the state witnessed unprecedented violence and more than 21 people died in political clashes and violence. The ruling TMC has gained a majority in as many as 10 Zilla Parishads of the 20 Zilla parishads whereas the operation failed to...

    • 21 hrs ago
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    Watch The Royal Wedding Live: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Marry At Windsor Castle

    Prince Harry married US actress Meghan Markle in a ceremony at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle here on Saturday. Meghan became the first royal bride to walk herself up the aisle at a royal wedding. She was met halfway by Prince Charles, the Duke of Cornwall, who walked her down the aisle of the Quire of the chapel. Her father Thomas Markle was unable to...

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    Karnataka Verdict: Did Democracy Emerge Victorious Today?

    Karnataka Verdict: The Karnataka crisis reached a new level today as Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa resigned before the much-anticipated floor test. With his resignation, the drama ended whether ruling BJP had the numbers to back up majority government or not. B.S. Yeddyurappa's resignation with one and half days of becoming chief minister reminded of Atal Bihari Vajpayee's...

    • 3 days ago