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Kolkata People Hug In Protest Against Metro Thrashing Incident

Kolkata, a city which boasts of culture and liberalism responded to an incident of moral policing when a young couple was thrashed for "vulgarity" in Dumdum Metro Station. Reportedly, the senior citizens were agitated seeing the couple hugging each other in Metro and the snapshot capturing mob violence to hit the couple went viral in social media.

In direct response to such Khap Panchayat sort of behavior, Kolkata people started protesting outside the Tollygunge Metro Station with #HokAlingan (Let there be hugging) placards.

Meanwhile, discussions are going on regarding the incident altogether. No doubt there are some discrepancies in the sequences of events. First and foremost, no eyewitness has come up with the version of the incident. Secondly, the whole issue of moral policing has taken a generalized context and some media are singling out senior citizens for such indecency or mob violence.

There are discussions too regarding a possible demarcation between freedom of expression and obscenity. Whether the action or body language of the couple on that specific day crossed the so-called limit of obscenity is a difficult question to address.

In between, some people are tagging wrong Facebook profiles as culprits of the incident which is indeed shameful and within the purview of a serious offense. Yesterday, a popular RJ came up with her version of the story and ended up creating unwanted controversy. Later she deleted the video and apologized for falsehood and unwanted sensationalism.

There is no denying the fact that generation gap is something which can be easily realized in both urban and rural domain of life. But the case of moral policing is indeed a direct threat to democracy and a big roadblock to freedom of expression.

The Metro Railway authority is also responsible for allowing such mob violence in the premises and giving an irrational and stupid comment on the incident. No doubt, there is an urgent need for all stakeholders to show restraint and behave soberly in public sphere of life.

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