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Meet Dr Sudhakar Reddy, The Man Who Has Taken Executive Coaching And Mentoring To A New Level With Nirvedha

Socialpost in conversation with Mr. Sudhakar Reddy- Founder-Executive Director, Nirvedha. He has been an accomplished senior leader for over two decades and inspirational executive coach and mentors for more than six years. He has previously served in organizations such as TCS, IMS Health, Raptakos, Brett & Co Ltd and Wallace Pharmaceuticals.

1) What has been the motivation for Mr.Sudhakar Reddy while forming Nirvedha?

In my over decades of industry experience as a leader in various fast-paced organizations, one thing which I have experienced and felt a huge gap is spending time with your Team members to develop, nurture to make them successful professionals and future leaders.

Though a leader's prime responsibility is developing his team; unfortunately, there would be a handful of them doing this sincerely. With this as a backdrop and during my stint in Tata Consultancy Services I was introduced to coaching, soon I became a thorough fan and practitioner of it.

Majority of my Coachees (individuals whom I have coached/mentored) have opined that I should take Coaching as my acting profession as I am doing so good for them. These situations have hugely motivated me to form Nirvedha.

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2) How has the whole domain of coaching/mentoring evolved in the last few decades?

Nowadays, executive coaching is back in vogue due to evolving corporate landscape. As businesses seek to take benefit of growth opportunities, this coaching develops an individual's soft skills such as self-awareness, and interpersonal skills that are essential for today's executives.

The application of executive coaching in the corporate world has been around since the 1980s, but it's only now that businesses have started realizing its potential in cultivating leaders and lending them the competitive edge in today's global business landscape.

According to a recently conducted study, it has been found this coaching is still a novice term for many with almost 85% of companies agreed that they had been organizing their coaching programs for more than a year, and only 33 percent asserted they had implemented it for over five years.

Considering the plethora of benefits associated with executive coaching for corporate executives, a large number of professionals are now choosing this way of development that let them open up and reveal their inner self like nothing else. These professionals' performance demonstrates mental activeness and resilient persona of themselves.

If you think that the inner spark of your life is missing somewhere and you're unable to locate it, consulting an executive coach would be the most sought-after way to unravel the prevailing complexities.

3) What are the biggest challenges to professionals in the current scenario?

India's dynamic and high growth business landscape has resulted in shortened business cycles and a new set of challenges; professionals are required to face increasing market uncertainties. They often wanted to look, think and act in entirely new ways for growth and sustenance in the Indian as well as in the global market. This necessitates organizational leaders to strategize.

Amidst such complexity and shortened business cycles, executives are looking for a sounding board - an external confidant, who is a trusted friend, philosopher and guide (Executive Coach) who can help them DARE (dream, achieve, risk and excel) and take risks.

4) How has Nirvedha catered to the growing demands of the society?

Nirvedha has come up with some Industry firsts like "Coffee with Coach" through which we are reaching out to the professionals who are either unable to create a path for their future or don't know that their abilities are outdated.

Through this Coaching outreach program, Nirvedha is creating awareness that there is professional help available for all busy and successful professionals who wanted to chase their Aspirations and enhance their leadership abilities to manage tomorrow's workforce.

5) What are the future plans and programmes of Nirvedha?

Nirvedha is on the continuous lookout for new avenues and partnerships to enhance the entire Coaching experience. We are preparing to make our presence felt across the country, also, planning to develop a robust and self-sustained Platform through which Coaching is delivered to the larger pool of professionals and not limited to a few.

We are also in the process of creating a dedicated YouTube Channel and have named it as LEAD (Leadership Enablement And Development) through which we are going to provide byte sized leadership development concepts and tools/techniques. These videos would be in the range of 3-6 min which would be a quick recap of known leadership practices and intrigue the viewer to think beyond and apply them practically.

6) Why is India lagging behind in creating a quality human resource in the technical domain, in spite of best efforts and heavy investment?

I completely wouldn't agree that we are lagging behind creating quality human resources; however, we are doing this in pockets like we have a significant gap between the A league Technology Institutions like IIT's, NIT's and IIIT's, BITS Pilani etc.; to the other Technology Institutes.

We are a mass producers of B.Tech and B.E. graduates out of which only at the most 10% are employable, whereas the rest 90% struggle to get jobs. The primary issue with which we are struggling today is the quality of education; be it the curriculum, methodology or the faculty who is teaching. The whole education system has become a mere business rather than concentrating on creating future Technocrats.

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The government's best efforts and investment are not driving satisfactory results because of this; I believe it is high time to bring in stringent Accreditation norms so that the underperformers would either pull up their socks or shut their Institutes.

It is high time we as a Nation should raise to concentrate on Quality of education rather than on the quantity. Let these Institutions emulate the curriculum, pedagogy of IIT's and other successful Institutions. The top rupees has to be spent on these rather than anything else.

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