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TV Newsreader Fathima Babu Rubbishes An Old, Spicy Abduction Rumour Involving Herself And MK Stalin

Chennai: Social media is abuzz with an "old spicy gossip" involving MK Stalin, DMK working president and son of DMK Patriarch M. Karunanidhi, and a then-upcoming TV news anchor Fathima Babu.

Netizens and critics of MK Stalin who took to social media recently dug up an old rumor to corner MK Stalin, the DMK's topmost leader, and skeletons started tumbling out of the cupboard.

All this to get even with Stalin's stand on the incident in which TN Governor Banwarilal Purohit for has patted on the cheek of a woman journalist "sportively" during a recent press conference hurriedly convened to clear the air about a sex scandal involving an Assistant professor working in remote Aruppukkottai college affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University.

The netizens who came in defense of the unsavory incident involving the 79-year-old TN Governor took on Stalin and raked up an old controversy in which he was embroiled in a good many 27 years back.

It was widely rumored then that Stalin had abducted a good- looking news reader Fathima Babu, who was popular Tamil news reader in Doordarshan (Chennai) during the 1989-90 period when his father M. Karunanidhi was in the saddle as Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

Alleging that the Stalin had abducted Fathima Babu during that period leading to her disappearance from her newsreader assignments the critics decried MK Stalin stand on an unsavory incident involving TN Governor and replied to his comments in his own coin.

"DMK leader has no locus standi to criticize the TN Governor for his "sportive" behavior of patting the cheek of a woman journalist when he himself was embroiled in such a controversy in the past" the netizens argued.

The whole issue seemed to have assumed political significance, when Fathima Babu herself, by now a well-known actor in Tamil films and TV soaps, and a card-carrying member of ruling AIADMK has come forward to clear the air after all these years.

Releasing a Whatsapp audio recording in which she has officially rubbished the "abduction episode" as a figment of some fertile imagination Fathima Babu has also said philosophically toward the end of her clarification " it is up to listeners to believe in her clarification or not which involved one of the top leaders of Tamilnadu.

"When I started to act in a TV serial in telecast in Doordarshan, I was taken off the news reading assignments for a couple of months as per the rules and this had led to the rumor that MK Stalin had abducted me, even though there was not an iota of truth in it" Fathima Babu said in her audio clip which has gone viral in the social media.

"I had known Babu, my husband even then, and he used to drop me in Doordarshan office. When we were assigned night duty, there was this official car to drop us at our respective homes, and there was no scope for this rumored abduction "Fathima Babu purportedly said in the audio clip.

"I had cleared the air even then and clarified the whole issue to an interview published in Kumudam, a popular Tamil magazine. I wonder how the rumor mill is still going strong even after the lapse of so many years. MK Stalin did not abduct me and that is all I could say. For those not still convinced, I am leaving it all to their wild imaginations " Fathima Babu has said in the purported audio clip as a parting shot.

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