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On a quest to build entirely Self Driven Cars in India

Founded in 2020 amidst the pandemic, Minus Zero is on a quest to build indigenous fully Self Driving Car in India by late 2023, competing with the likes of Elon Musk’s Tesla, Google’s Waymo and others in the industry. It’s not long before India will have its own ‘Made in India’ autonomous vehicle able to drive itself with zero human supervision in a challenging traffic like India’s. Being one of the most rising use cases of Artificial Intelligence, this can make India a leader in global tech ecosystem. Minus Zero is a deep-tech start-up working to leverage the power of moon-shot innovation to an inclusive society at large. Building up on the vision of remodelling and reinforcing the harnesses of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Internet in India, they are engineering robust and affordable future with four major projects in their pipeline - Self Driving Cars, Cognitive Humanoids, Holo-Vision & 1000x Data Compression Codec.

Depiction of a self driven car in autopilot mode (source: Google)

This futuristic endeavour is led by Minus Zero’s founder and CEO, Gagandeep Reehal, a 20-year-old technologist, AI engineer and an author, presently involved in domain of Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, and Autonomous Vehicles/Robotics. “The biggest challenge in building a commercial Self Driving Cars is to make the system robust enough for stochastic Indian traffic where anything can happen anytime and one cannot fully trust a driver to abide by the rules here, and since this industry still needs a lot of research and development before launch, it is a real test of perseverance,” says Gagandeep. They have been gathering the best young minds from all across the country to work on these projects. “Our country’s youth has immense brain power, it’s high time that we align it in the right direction, to a bigger cause of making our country a technology leader. The road is tough, but we need to start somewhere. There is a huge potential out there,” says Gagandeep.

CEO and Founder of Minus Zero, Mr. Gagandeep Reehal (file pic)

This comes as a really promising news this year which everyone one might want to look up to.

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