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There’s time for everything : Sanin Salewala

06 Jun 2020.2:32 PM

Name : Sanin Salewala

They say Time waits for none, but he says there’s Time for everything.  If it’s done right. His name means time and he values it more than anything. He started working when he was 21 years old.

Assisting his father at his store. He learnt the hard way, starting from zero. Learning basics from a help boy to making his own brand was a natural growth. He built it on his own, everyday. Falling down a million times but still giving himself more time to reach where he wanted to see himself.

It took him about seven years to conceptualise and see results to his brand *Whatever* that deals in clothing and footwear.

He single handedly set it up back home, in India. That now his father looks after. Making him proud of what he built from a small store is something that he  had always dreamt of.

He says he didn’t have it easy, but it all came in time. Heart breaks were a package to his journey. He confirms himself as a hopeless romantic. Love might have slowed progress to productivity in his life. But it has taught him persistence and made me realise the power of prayer.Every relationship has helped him grow into the man he is today, he adds.

His journey from Mumbai to Dubai, may seem like a dream to you. But this plunge was harder than it looks. He threw himself into digital marketing, understanding what social media growth is all about.

Putting his college education to use, he can now proudly call himself the man behind the digital marketing company The Black Fox.

They at TBF manage social media for companies, restaurants and celebrities. TBF is now in Dubai and Mumbai, and is known for its famous clientele. His hard work and his interests for this business and travel has got him a following of 100k followers on Instagram. His food dairy on Zomato is filled with food from all over the Far East to the Middle East. He uses other social media like Tiktok for fun.


A businessman at heart, and an influencer in the body, his brain works even while he sleeps, he grins at me.

Give me time and I’ll be knocking all over the world, in sha Allah! Sanin concludes...



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