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14 Mar 2022.2:43 PM



With a vision to create a mindfully meaningful impact on the handwoven weaves and heritage art segment of India, Sukanya Bhataacharya founded Prathaa in 2016.
Graduating in English literature and studying Communications and Marketing in her Post Graduation, Sukanya worked as Regional Marketing Manager at HDFC Bank, Consultant – Senior Research Director at IMRB International, and National Head Marketing at Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Sukanya’s love for travel, exploration, and her immense respect for Indian art and weaves are a few factors that motivated her to lay the foundation of Prathaa. The Founder also serves as a Brand Marketing Consultant for her organization.

Prathaa celebrates the exquisite, handcrafted fabrics emerging from the heart of India, breathing, flowing, and speaking of the country’s textile heritage. As a brand,they believe in nurturing and preserving the Art and Weaves of India,by creating distinguished, easy to wear and contemporary fusion fashion apparel.
Prathaa has its expertise in showcasing its fabrics. The brand has a particular focus on modern urban women who are dynamic and are aware of their rich historical inheritance. Celebrating the glory of those women who have embraced their past with respect, enjoy the present to its fullest, and look forward to the future with optimism. In the process also creating awareness and nurturing more and more women sensitive to their core vision .

Sukanya, with her team, is making every effort to translate the inherent honesty and hard work of the Indian artisans into modern, edgy clothes which are vibrant and quirky. Her team envisions to make their customers look good and feel better in designs that are not only chic but are comfortable as well.

The designs at Prathaa are wearable as well as stylish. The apparel incorporates the qualities of women of today and showcases her confidence and beauty with the Indian feel. Each design has a story to tell, and every outfit they make goes through a unique birthing process. Mostly trying to source and use natural and breathable fabrics for their designs .

Prathaa believes that every woman is unique, and therefore the brand keeps an eye for detailing, finishing, and quality, ensuring perfection in their outfit. Rather than just being a trend follower, this brand emphasizes the quality, celebrates the uniqueness of the fabrics used and the stories behind them .

The brand firmly believes that fashion is an integrated voice of a generation that sometimes speaks the language of style or colour. Apart from everything, what everyone looks for in an attire is comfort, and at Prathaa, designs are incorporated in an outfit without compromising comfort.

Since India, like other countries, is focusing on sustainable fashion, Prathaa also focuses on doing the same, along with creating wealth for the artists at the grassroots like the weavers, karigars, and artisans making a positive difference in their lives.
Prathaa as a brand has a purpose of treading lightly and leaving a small carbon footprint.

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