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    5 ways to whiten your teeth naturally

    We all dream of having a perfect smile. However, not everyone can afford to go to the dentist to have their teeth whitened. You can naturally whiten your teeth at home destroying your enamel. Try these natural ways to help you brighten your teeth in no time: 1) Brush regularly- Some people brush their teeth after every meal, but it will immediately do more than good. The acid and sugar produced right after...

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    Add these 5 items in your diet on an Upset Stomach

    The first meal after an upset stomach is a trick you don't want to eat anything that will further affect your digestive tract. Stomach upset can make people feel great discomfort. It can make you feel weak and nauseous while indigestion or diarrhoea, vomiting, excessive gas or bloating can be caused but you can control these symptoms by controlling your diet until your stomach upset goes...

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    Lead a happy life with these tips

    Even with its struggles and difficulties, life can be beautiful, depending on what you focus on. A beautiful and happy life makes you feel fully alive. Here are a few steps on how to live a happy and beautiful life. Choose to Forgive rather than Curse- We often feel depressed, angry or upset because of our friends, family and other close members. Also, some things would have hurt us and affects our life very...

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    5 Travel Essentials for Women

    Regardless of whether you're packing a tote bag, backpack, or wheeled bag, its what's inside that counts so we put together some personal and travel items which are best suitable for us. Be it a short trip or a long flight, must-have travel items is very essential but what one should carry? We are here with some list of things that will make your life easy, happy and most comfortable trip possible. Wet...

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    Avoid these Food items on an Empty Stomach

    Everyone in this world has their own opinions on what to eat and what not to eat on an empty stomach because of the lack of knowledge we don't know what to consume first in the morning. Here is the list of food items that you should not be eating on an empty stomach: Fruit Juices- Many people think that fruit juices are the perfect carbohydrate rich in breakfast. Fruit juices and smoothies should...

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    Simple changes in your everyday life are all it takes to make your home a healthier, safer, greener place to be. But don't forget that human beings are creatures of habit, and change takes time. Begin with small steps. Like, make a commitment to yourself for a week or a month. Here are some cost-effective tips to make your home eco-friendly: Replace incandescent bulbs- Replace your...

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    Nobody knows how painful a headache can be more than a person who is suffering from them. In fact, certain kind of headaches like migraines is so severe that they can adversely affect your productivity. Headaches can be caused by a number of reasons like stress, dehydration, loud music, alcohol, caffeine, hunger, eye strain or sleeplessness etc. While there are a number of painkillers that you may take...

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    Most Popular Dog Breeds In the Country

    Looking for a furry friend to bring home? There are a number of breeds available to choose from and before making a decision, make sure you make the right choice. Dogs are amazing creatures that shower their family with unconditional love and are human's, the perfect companion. They kept the atmosphere lively, accompany you for walks and can actually take a bullet for your protection. Every breed has...

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    World's Thinnest Camera Lens, 20 Times Thinner Than Human Hair

    All big brands are constantly trying to reduce the rear camera bump on their smartphones. Recently, a team of engineers at the University of Utah successfully developed the world's thinnest camera lens that will help in eliminating the back bump. The new lens is 1000 times thinner and 100 times lighter than today's modern lenses.

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    Facts About PM Modi's New Official Aircraft, The B777 Plane.

    According to reports, two custom-made B777-300ER airplanes will be used to fly Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other top dignitaries from July 2020. These planes will not be operated by Air India pilots and will be maintained by Air India Engineering Services Limited (AIESL), a subsidiary of the Indian national carrier. Here are some facts about the new airplanes 1. The two...