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    Interesting Facts About School System Around The World That Might Shock You

    Schooling system is the most basic system of a country that depicts the future and youth of the country. We are very much aware of Indian education system, but we hardly have idea about school system of other countries. So, here we are sharing some interesting facts about education system around the world that are a lot different from India. South Korea We abuse our...

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    Know Hidden Messages of These Famous Logos That You Never Noticed Before

    Setting up business is easy but designing its logo is the most difficult task. You want the logo of your business to be unique and describing the X factor of your company or business. Believe me it takes a lot of time just to think about the basic logo design that attracts people and then giving it for designing consume your lot of effort and creativity. Though, I have not...

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    Alarming facts that Served 2018 As A Walk-Up Call to Pay Attention Towards Our Environment

    Since the existence of human, we have made earth a jungle of concrete and have been depleting the environment and wildlife. The environment is getting worse day-by-day and it is not only in terms of pollution but also in terms of damaging its natural resources. And talking about 2018, we have went to the limit of causing irreparable damage to environment...

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    Birthday Special: Interesting facts About Raj Kapoor That You Never Know

    When you talk about Bollywood then it's incomplete without the mention of Kapoor Khandaan. It's like the first superstar of Indian film industry was Raj Kapoor and still Kapoors are rulling on it and passing their acting talent from generation to generation. Raj Kapoor, the original 'showman' of the industry is still known for his multi-talented and...

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    Rajnikanth's Movie 'Enthiran' Included as Case Study in IIM, Know Such Surprising Facts About Thalaiva

    The superstar of millennial Rajnikanth needs no introduction. For people especially South Indians he is not a super star or any movie actor, he is god for them. The day is declared public holiday in southern states of the country when his movie releases. Though you know everything about this legendary personality, but today on his 68th birthday...

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    Check Out These Amazing Facts About Indian Navy & Feel Proud

    This Indian Navy Day, we want to thanks to the superheroes of Indian Navy for the sacrifice they did and are doing for the country. Check out some cool and interesting facts about Indian Navy and feel proud on our superheroes: If you think that Indian Navy Day is celebrated on the day when it was founded, then sorry but you are wrong.

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    Pregnancy Time Can Last Upto A Year, Surprising Facts About Pregnancy That Doctor Will Never Tell You

    Pregnancy is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It is the moment which makes you realize the best part of being a human. As soon as doctor declares about the pregnancy, it changes the whole world of parents. Being pregnant is like being on cloud seven because the happiness of giving birth to a baby can never be found in anything else. Here...

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    Aids Day: Horrible Facts Aids in India That Everyone Should Know

    HIV/AIDS is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world that has no cure. No matter what and how hard you try but once a person detected with AIDS then no medicine works on them and they eventually dies. Government is making all the possible efforts to aware people about AIDS and giving tips to prevent this disease, but there is no end result of this and still thousands of...

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    12 Random Fun Facts That You Have Never Heard Before

    Pull a chair, make yourself a coffee and enjoy this article with hot sip of coffee. Here are we listing some random facts that will entertain you for next few minutes. And also give you some knowledge. So, let's just read them out and have lil bit fun. Fitness gurus will never tell you that banging head against wall for about one hour actually burns 150 calories.

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    Birthday Special: Lesser Known Facts About Pakistani Heartthrob of Bollywood Fawad Khan

    Just did 3-4 Bollywood movies and conquered heart of every Indian. He became heart-throb of Bolllywood with his first movie 'Khoobsurat' in which he looked stunningly handsome. He completes the requirement list to be a Bollywood actor, but unfortunately who couldn't do anything big in Bollywood because of on-going tension between both the...