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    Paris Have More Dogs Than People, Know Some Interesting Facts Around the Globe

    There are thousands of things we cross everyday and sometime a new thing attracts us and make us to think over them. On the queue of that, here are some amazing facts about animals, people and nature that you have known earlier and we bet they will surprise you. Swine holds fourth position among animals in the level of intelligence and understanding.

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    In These Places Boys Have to Bear Heavy Pain To Prove Their Masculinity

    The world is full of rituals, customs, cultures and traditions that define the identity of particular place or tribe. There are thousands of rituals followed by people in the world that standout them out from other tribes and people. Here are some places and tribes where boys have to follow certain culture to become men. Vanuatu Boys In the southern part of Pentecost...

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    Some Epic Events That Become Lifetime Moment For This Generation People

    You should be proud on yourself for taking birth in this generation, because this generation has witnessed many iconic moments becoming history. Not only in terms of new innovations but also in terms of many events that has marked milestone for us. So, here we have listed some these moments that has made us proud. Hima Das Starting with the recent event, Hima Das has...

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    Check Out Some Real Facts About Consumption of Drugs in India

    Here are some shocking facts about consuming drug in India which will draw your attention towards youth of the country that makes India a large drug consuming country just like rest of the world. Cannabis, opium and heroin are the most commonly used drugs in the country. You will shocked to know that cannabis if legal in Odisha.

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    Toilet to Penis Museum, Check Out Some Weirdest Museum of the World

    You have surely visited numbers of museums to get a brief history of that particular city or area. Museums are the place where something unique or a piece of arts are kept and give a captivating visit to the visitors. Today we are going to tell you about some museums that are weirdest in the world. Sulabh International Museum of Toilet, India The name of this museum itself...

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    Check Out These Interesting Facts About Instagram Which Every Marketer Should Know

    After Facebook and WhatsApp, Instagram has emerged as a most popular app for sharing photos and business. Though it only shares pictures and videos, but it become successful in engaging people. On our segment of Amazing Facts, today we are going to talk about some interesting facts about Instagram that every marketer should know to flourish there business from...

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    This Village of Seven Sisters is The Hub of Black Magic

    We have watched number of shows and TV shows of magic where a magician plays some tricks and amaze audiences. I am sure you have also played some with your siblings in childhood. Magic are always an attracting game to engage people and surprise them with your talents or so called tricks. But have you ever heard about BLACK MAGIC? Some of you might be and some are unknown to this weird magic...

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    Check Out The Aamzing Facts of Fifa World Cup, Which Hardly Any Soccer Fan Knows

    The Fifa World Cup 2018 has now reached to its final destination with France and Croatia for face off to win the title. Unlike the regular articles of celebration, victory, defeat, this time we are here to share some amazing facts about World Cup, which hardly any soccer lover knows. No sex for players For football players it's a tough part of the World Cup,...

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    5 Amazing Facts About Animals That Will Blow Your Mind

    It's not a wonder that even animals are smarter than human beings and they have some unique feature about them that makes them to stand from other animals. Informing about amazing facts of various things, here is a list of some amazing facts about animals we bet you have never heard before. And believe me these facts will surely blow your mind. Chimps According to studies, wild...

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    Sonia Gandhi to Dog, Here are 5 Unique Temples of India

    India is the hub of temples as it is the only country where several religions are being followed by the people. Or you can say that it is the biggest reason that makes India a unique country in the whole world. Talking about famous temples of the country, here we are listing some unique temple across India that famous for being different than other temples. Sonia Gandhi Temple Yes, our...