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    Reality Of Colors

    Red Red is the color of energy, passion, action, ambition, and determination. It is also the color of anger and sexual passion. Most of us like Dark red too in t-shirts and tie. The red tie looks beautiful and who don't like red Roses. Orange Orange is the color of social communication and optimism.

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    Don't Make Happiness Your Habit

    Happiness is the most important thing for living life otherwise you won't live for long. Most of us relate happiness with money, status, love, good food, etc. from which most are temporary and then from this happiness one is removed we become sad or it gives high impact on us that we direct go out of mind or in depression/tension. Some of us are really positive but not happy and they usually try to find...

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    These Masalas Are The Reason of Spicy and Tasty Food

    Spicy food is the most craving thing because Indians eats a lot of spicy food and the spicy food is very tasty there is no doubt for this. These masalas are used for making food this tasty and spicy. Turmeric (haldee) It is also used in giving curries a beautiful golden color. It has health benefits and is used in a lot of spice mixes and curries. The flavor of fresh turmeric is slightly...

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    There is a negligible difference between want and need

    There is a negligible difference between want and need. From childhood, we grew up like that our wants are actually our needs. But this is not true, many times we got confused between want and need which is not good for us in a life journey. if you want to live your life without any complexity you need to implement this. Don't get the things or make thing until it becomes your need...

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    I Need To Say No

    Is Saying no is really good for ourselves? Most of us want to help but some people take this helping nature for grant and make your time unproductive and unworthy. Saying no for yourself is not going to be bad or hurting someone if he/ she understand you very well. I am not saying that don't help others but if you don't have time then why are you wasting on unproductive things which don't matter too much. ...

  • Amazing Facts

    First Indian Silent Movie Had Made In 1913

    I have seen many movies in Bollywood and in Hollywood too. But when I was 4th class one question arises in my mind that which is the first movie in Bollywood? Is it a sound movie? And many more questions I actually I don't remember. At that time without any technology how they do the movies scene without and filtration, software, editing, animations, and transitions. Raja Harishchandra Raja...

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    Healthy Talks Can Give You Relief and Makes Your Bond Strong

    Most of us have family and friends but yet we feel alone. Why are we alone? Why people don't do healthy talks with someone. Why they always pretend that everything is alright. I know you don't want to share your feelings to anyone because it hurts when you are sharing your emotions, ideas to someone and then they will ditch or they take advantage of you. Yes, it is true. ...

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    A Brief of Life

    Life is really a beautiful present. Life is really big and it has many possibilities to discover according to the situations and your decisions. Life has levels for different living child life, school life, college life, work and married life and the end old age life. At every level, we learn many new things, and response according to that.

  • Amazing Facts

    Do You Know These Amazing Facts of Space Which Give Shock You

    Everyone thinks in their childhood that I want to go into space. I also wanted to go, I was curious about the space so I got to know about some facts of space that actually want to share with you. Space has silence The sound has no medium or way to travel to be heard. The hottest planet in our solar system Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system and has an average...

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    Why We Afraid of Fear and How We Can Overcome This Fear

    Some of us have a fear or phobia of something from animals, birds, even some of us has a phobia of water. Because of this, we miss some enjoyable moments like we can't go in water parks, zoo, we are not allowed to swim, or we can't go for sky diving with friends and many more things you can't do. And surprising thing is that we don't even know about how this fear or...