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8 Creepy And Disgusting Facts About Your Body That Will Change The Way You Look At It

How well do you know your body? Have you ever wondered what happens inside it? How does it function? Throughout the whole day, our body goes through thousands of processes that we know nothing about. If you ever stand in front of a mirror and wonder what's happening inside of our body, then you need to read these facts. But before you go on reading them, hold your heart because you are going to be freaked out.

1. Your brain is soft like butter

That sounds quite gross but your brain is actually a super squishy mass of matter that's softer than the butter or most of the meat you get in the market. Be careful next time you bang your head into something because you are walking around with a big glob of warm butter jammed into your skull.

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2. The bacteria in there are always growing

Your intestines are full of microbial bacteria that begin two years after your birth. These bacteria ferment dietary fibre into short-chain fatty acids that provide energy to your colonic cells and other parts of your body. If these bacteria will be removed from the intestine, it will be like losing an organ.

3. You're a pile of dead skin

Skin is the largest organ of your body that covers all the bones and your flesh. An average human body shed 8.8 pounds of skin every year, which is more than some small dogs weigh. You will be surprised to know that most of the dust underneath your bed is actually your own dead skin.

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4. Our body produces two to four pints of saliva in a day

We all need saliva to take care of a bunch of annoying mouth tasks for us. The saliva helps us swallow food, break down enzymes, and fight off infections in our mouths. With the saliva, it would be impossible for us to eat solid food and we all will end up having a fuzzy tongue.

5. Everything that you drink turns into urine

Whatever that you drink; your kidney turns it into the urine. There are millions of little filters inside our body that sop up all the liquid from our body and turn it into the urine. So, it won't be wrong to say that kidney is indeed the grossest organ in our body.

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6. Our body constantly produce waste

An average human body spends most of the day creating waste out of the stuff we eat throughout the day. Whatever that you eat, will become a clay-like water when your body is finished with it. When you eat something, the large intestine strains all the healthy bits out of your food and throws the rest of it out of your colon.

7. Your navel is home to different species of bio-diverse bacteria

In a study, scientist found that our navel may harbour the same kind of bio-diverse bacterial ecosystem that is most often found in a rainforest. The average bellybutton is a home to around sixty-five different species of bacteria. Those bacteria live on the surface of your navel, where they cling to your flesh and live on oxygen.

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8. Your face is a death zone

The blood vessels in your face lie close at the base of your brain. This means that the facial vessels transport a blood flow to the brain vessels. So when you get an infection in the T-zone of your face, it can directly reach into your brain.

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