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    Scientists Created Picture of Our Ancient Ancestor Look Using DNA

    Recently, Israeli scientists have unveiled the appearance of our ancient relatives. Very few clues exist about the lives of the Denisovans, cousins of Neanderthals. Denisovans went extinct around 50,000 years ago: three teeth, a pinky bone, and a lower jaw. That was enough for researchers at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem to draw conclusions on their appearance. The mission...

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    E. voltai: Species Electric Eel Fish can discharge electric shock of 860 volts

    Nature never fails to surprise us. With more than 8.7 million species in eath, 1.3 millions of species have been identified and described. Two more species of eel have been discovered. The researchers have discovered two new species of electric eels in South America, one of which can deliver a bigger jolt of electricity than any other known animal. The discovery was...

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    Facts about "Hindi" language that You Should Know.

    Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. A lot is known about Sanskrit, but Hindi has always suffered from relative non-recognition as far as trivia is concerned. We decided to shine some light on the official language of India. Here are some facts about the Hindi that you should know: Words like 'guru', 'jungle', 'karma',...

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    Super Human Wim Hof is known as "Iceman" of World.

    There is one man that seems to be immune to the colds deadly touch and has spent his life achieving superhuman feats of endurance, in some of the coldest regions of the world. Wim Hof was born on April 20, 1959 in Sittard, Holland. He grew up in a large family and has two sisters and six brothers. Wim has been running barefooted through the snow since he was a teenager.

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    Jaspreet Singh Kalra is known as "Rubber Man of India"

    Jaspreet Singh Kalra is also known as the Rubber Man of India. He is an Indian contortionist. He is surely a superhuman. He can rotate his head at 180°. He was also starred in OMG! Yeh Mera India series of History TV 18. In a survey by The Strange List, Kalra ranked 5th-most flexible person in the world and 2nd most flexible man in the world.

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    Facts about Indian Flag that every Indian should know

    For the Indian people the national flag has great significance and meaning as it symbolizes the struggle and sacrifices of Indian people that they made for their Independence. It also shows as a symbol of unity to show that despite being from different faiths and religions, we all are one. The current Indian flag was designed by Sri Pangali Venkayya. He was from Andhra Pradesh. Before the...

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    India's first Women Truck Mechanic: Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar

    Delhi' Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar is Asia's Biggest truck largest stopover point. At least 70,000 trucks are parked here everyday. Every day about 20,000 trucks pass by here. In this smoky and dusty environment, a master of trucks lives. Many driver handover their truck blindly to this Mechanic.

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    Some Interesting Facts About Yoga That You Should Know

    Yoga is becoming a mainstream fitness activity from past few years. It is being practiced not only in India, but also in many other countries. 1 in 5 American adults participates in yoga. The yoga that we're doing on mat for isn't that old. What we generally think of as yoga began in late 19th century India.

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    Gary Turner, A Super Human known as Worlds Stretchiest Man

    Have you ever thought of Super Humans and how do they look? There are very few of Super Humans in the World. They have super special powers to do unbelievable things. Gary Turner is no doubt a Super Human, he can stretch his skin till that extent that you cannot even think of. Mr. Gary Turner is a sideshow performer.

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    Add Mushrooms to your Diet and Get Rid of Many Health Problems

    Here are some facts about Mushrooms that will lead you to a Healthy Life. Usually we think that vegetables and fruits contain more anti oxidants. Mushrooms contain more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables which help in fighting cancer. Mushrooms also help to keep your heart healthy by lowering cholesterol levels. Also, the fiber content in them helps in fighting...