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Facts About Airplane Which Will Make You Think Before Your Next Flight

Airplane journey is considered as a memorable journey because of its new experience for all. But in some cases it can turn into the worse journey which if we go by the facts about airplane and how it deceives people travelling by the same. Some of the terrible facts about airplane journeys are being described here.

  1. The 11 minutes are the scariest - The 3 minutes before takeoff and 8 minutes before touchdown are considered to be the most dangerous one. According to a research 80% of accidents happen during this time.
  2. Increasing pollution eventually leads to increased turbulence - There is nothing wrong going to happen with you or your body. But the only point is that it can put your life on risk by increasing the turbulence experienced during flights.
  3. Pilots fall asleep during flights - There are hundreds of people who trust pilots for the safe journey but it is astonishing to know that majority of time during the flight they are found sleeping. As the airplanes run on high class technology but still human assistance is needed only to control the switches and make passengers feel more safer.
  4. Planes are full of germs which we can't see - This is a surprising thing to know but during tight schedule, the planes are not cleaned at all between two successive flights so, when you see clean seats and handles are actually the most dirtiest thing your eyes could see.
  5. Turbulence can kill you - Turbulence is listed as the number one reason for non-fatal aviation accidents, so you might not want to take that seat belt sign too casually.

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