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Forget Contraceptive Pills, Try These Natural And Safe Tips To Avoid Pregnancy

From condoms to contraceptive pills, the medical science has given us a lot of things that promote safe sex and decrease the chances of unwanted pregnancy. If you make-out without protection on your unsafe days, you can simply pop a contraceptive pill and eliminate your chances of getting pregnant. But we all know how harmful these contraceptive pills are.

They can cause a lot of trouble in the natural reproductive cycle of a woman. They have side effects like irregular periods, spotting, nausea, headaches, mood swings, vaginal discharge, weight gain and many other things. In order to avoid all these side effects and eliminate the chances of pregnancy, you can try these safe Ayurvedic contraceptive tips.

1. Fresh castor seed

The white seed inside the fresh castor seeds can work exactly like a contraceptive pill you get in the market. Take 1 of these seeds and consume it within 72 hours of your make-out session. You can have 3 seeds each on 3 days of your period for best results and it works as a natural contraceptive for 1 month.

2. Rock salt and sesame oil

If you want to eliminate the chances of getting pregnant you should try this Ayurvedic tip. Dip a piece of rock salt in sesame seed oil within 2-5 minutes after sex to make sure sperm doesn't reach the womb. Keep the cotton swab for around 100 seconds for best results.

3. Dry mint leaves

You can try this natural contraceptive method right after the make-out session to avoid pregnancy. Take dry mint leaves and ground them into a powder and store it in a container. After you are done having sex, boil some water and mix 1 tablespoon of dry mint powder and drink it.

4. Rock salt

You can avoid pregnancy by killing the sperm that has reached in your vagina during sex. This method helps in doing so. Boil 500 ml of water with 50gms of rock salt and let it settle. After intercourse, within 5 minutes wash your vagina to kill the sperm.

5. Hibiscus flower

Prepare the paste of fresh hibiscus flower and starch. Now take this paste for first 3 days of your period to use as a contraceptive and avoid your chances of getting pregnant.

6. Long pepper, Emelia ribs, and lead oxide

Make the powder of long pepper, Emelia ribs and lead oxide (suhaga) and store it in a container. Now take this powder with a glass of milk during your periods. This drink avoids pregnancy in that month.

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