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If You Prefer Loose Clothes, You've A Low Self-Esteem. Here's What Your Clothes Say About You!

They say, "You are what you wear" and that's absolutely true. Our clothes say more about us than we may realise. You might pick a loose tee to wear for the work thinking that it will be comfortable but it may give a feel to people that you are embarrassed about your own body shape. The way we dress every day reflects what we feel from inside. If you are powerful, sexy or in control you dress like that or if you hold yourself back or hide behind layers then that reveals a lot of things about your personality. Find out what your dress sense says about you.

1. Wearing neutral colours, brown and suede's show you are psychologically stuck.

If you wear only neutrals, browns and suede's and don't like jewellery too much, you might be stuck psychologically, too comfortable to shake things up and get attention. You like to keep things the way they are and never want to change them.

2. If you wear the same thing every day, you are depressed.

If you wear the same thing every day with sensible shoes and no accessories and never go for bright and funky colours, it shows that you are somewhat depressed. Trying something different would make your boring and mundane life exciting.

3. Dressing in loose clothes shows you have a low self-esteem.

Not everyone has a perfect figure but that doesn't mean they can't look good. If you dress in baggy or loose clothes it reflects that you are embarrassed about your body shape and have a low self-esteem. If that's right for you, you need to stop hiding and start dressing for the body you have.

4. If you like to show it much, you like to attract people.

Being a woman, if you like to show much of your skin, then you crave for attention. Showing off so much flesh and tottering on stilettos does not come from a place of power but of vulnerability. It gives people a feeling that you dress up to attract men.

5. If you dress too young for your age, it shows you can't leave a certain period.

You can't stop the ageing process and dressing too young for age is clearly not an option. If you do so, it can be a sign that you can't leave a certain period in your life. It can also indicate that you don't like the idea of getting old.

6. If you can't throw old clothes, you are very much attached to your past.

While some people keep on buying new clothes with time, some people find it hard to throw their old clothes. If you also don't throw your clothes away easily and keeps them forever, it means that you might be attached to your past and holding on to it for long. You value sentimental memories and like to keep them with yourself for longer than required.

7. If you stay in your work clothes too long, your work in your value.

People measure your professionalism by your appearance. But if you like to stay in your work clothes for too long, it means that you value your work and that's what defines your accomplishments. It also shows that you have no time to relax or look after your own needs.

8. If your wear brands head-to-do, you believe in showing off.

If you are covered in designer brands and logos, you feel that need from inside to show off your wealth to be treated well by others. Such people may not be successful in their life but they like to make others feel so by dressing up in brands.

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