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Know The Reason Why Hindus Shave Off Their Baby's Hair in 'Mundan' Ceremony

Hinduism is the biggest religion in India and one can also say that it originated from this country only. Being a Hindu we have thousands rituals and traditions which are to be followed at every step of our life from the time we took birth till our death. These cultures vary from state to state and families to families. Many people still follow them but some consider these traditions as orthodox. But there are some customs, which are followed commonly by the people across India.

Today we are discussing about one such famous traditions of Hinduism ' mundan ' (shaving head of baby) which is a part of person's life and it is followed by every Hindu family of India.

Know The Reason Why Hindus Shave Off Their Baby's Hair in 'Mundan' Ceremony

Before going in detail one must know that 'mundan' is a ceremony done after the birth of the baby, in which a baby's head is shaved with full rituals and prayers before the baby turns three. In this puja a priest shaves off hair from the head of baby but in some regions, it is the father of the child who shave off baby's hair.

The family of the baby first gets the date and time fixed on which the mundan ceremony is to be performed and then the whole family along with their relatives rejoice this holy ceremony.

The priest or the father (according to region) shaves off hair from baby's head and then they wash it with holy water (gangajal). Then paste of turmeric and sandalwood is applied on his bare head because it is believed that it sandalwood cool the head of baby and turmeric helps in healing the cuts.

After all these procedure, priest or father offer these shaved hair to the family's deity or to a river, whatever the family beliefs are.

This tradition of mundan is followed among Indians because we believe that a baby is born with undesirable traits from the past life, so this ceremony helps them to get rid of all the impurities so that baby can have good fortune.

According to the ancient scriptures, it is also believed if a baby's birth hair is shaved before it turns three then it helps in stimulate proper growth of the brain and nerves of baby.

And not only this, this ceremony is performed to give freedom from diseases, it provides attainment of strength, health and vigor to the baby. But all these are just the traditional beliefs and hold no concern with reality.

Being an educated person, we all know that every tradition which is followed have a scientific reason behind it but only the difference is that we give them the name of blind rituals and customs.

The real and scientific reason behind following mundan ceremony in Hinduism is that the natural growth of hair on a baby's head is uneven. So, shaving off hair from baby's head leads to proper and healthy growth of hair.

But there are some experts who deny this fact and says that the growth of hair depends on the follicle beneath the scalp and whatever you do with the outgrown hair has no effect on it.

Traditions and their beliefs are many, but it depends on you who to believe and who to not. The only thing is that you must follow what your heart says but with precautions.

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