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Gay is a term that primarily refers to a homosexual person or the trait of being homosexual. He's just 29, but Samarpan Maiti has come a long way from his home in the village of Siddha in East Midnapore. A scientist, model and now a gay icon. This man is setting standards for men. His research on brain cancer drugs has taken him to the heights.

Maiti who is working as a senior research fellow in the field of cancer drug discovery from a reputed institute in Kolkata, stumbled upon a modeling career after his friends pushed him towards getting into shape. Though being poor in speaking english, he won the title of MR.GAY 2018. Mr Gay World is a part of celebration of the LGBT community globally so that people from different countries can know the real challenges and achievements of different region and can highlight it into the global platform. It is important to send a representative from that country in which LGBT rights are not legal and to speak up and discuss about the discrimination, social issues and problems faced by the people longing for such rights says Maiti. From being a normal kid to the winner of Mr.Gay world India 2018 its been a long journey for him and he is on the top of the world- says maiti. He spends his most of the time in the labs when he is not getting himself indulged with gym and exercise.

Like all other families, his family and parents wanted him to be an engineer either or a doctor. These two professions were strictly barred by his family. His father wanted him to be a writer or atleast a journalist. He had written enough though. Some little magazines in Kolkata have even dared to publish his poems. But his love for science and studies had never washed his interest in studies. He took all the entrance examinations and he cleared IIT, IISc Bangalore and so on. He took NET exams three times for fun. There is no need of completing your masters before writing NET. So, he took it twice while doing his Masters." Two of his papers have been published in international journals. His interest for modelling arose when he got hooked with a fashion channel and wanted to be like those models working with that channel. But his height did not touched the eligibility criteria for males so he could not participate in the mainstream male modeling. Also that was the time when he identifies his sexual orientation. He says that though he had sexual interactions with girls during his school life but during last years for his college life he realized his comfort zone more with men rather then females.

Life was not easy for him especially after realizing his sexual orientation. He received mixed actions to his orientation from his family, friends, colleagues etc. What shocked him most was that even the scientific community was judgmental towards him with many saying that interacting with the LGBTQ community had turned him gay.

This men is on his way of trending as a gay figure and recognized for the same as well. Also he is promoting sexual equality and awareness for the people with sexual orientation. Maiti had won Mr Gay World India 2018 and it was a moment overloaded with emotions and apprehension

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