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These cute animals can kill you!!

These cute animals can kill you

We all love animals. Cuteness is a part of some of these animals and that is something that motivates us to pet them. But not all animals that are cute or small to look at should be misunderstood as ones that cannot harm.

From small bruises to death, the following animals that apparently look innocent, cute and small can make a lot happen to your life.

  1. Slow Loris

These cute animals can kill you

The shimmering eyes, the soft coat, Aww! The very first sight would compel anybody to hold it in hands, hug it and shower kisses. Okay! Go ahead but just a word of caution, they are the only poisonous primates in the world that carry poisons in their elbow. So, they could just be disguising their plan to kill you under the cute act of licking elbow.

  1. Pandas

These cute animals can kill you

We've all pandas as cozy, hairy teddy bears and it's a natural instinct for someone to hug this innocent bear but beware! Getting too close can make a person victim of a grizzly attack since the pandas are ultimately bears with very strong jaws. For the least to stay, you would want to stay away from its bear-hug.

  1. Swan

These cute animals can kill you

Let's move to water from Land. We have often seen two Swans making a heart by joining heads. Lovebirds would idealize these love birds. There's one stinging fact about love, it sometimes hurt. Don't go by the phrase but certainly don't mess with a swan to make you realize this. Flapping wings vigorously and biting people with serrated edged beaks are quite common.

  1. Cats

These cute animals can kill you

How on earth can these cuties be harmful? They just love to purr and being hugged. Think twice, mess with an angry cat and get ready for a dual. They can jump better, have strong claws and can even bite well. One would certainly not want to have those sharp claws, especially on the face.

  1. Chimpanzee

These cute animals can kill you

Intelligent, friendly and affable, the chimp undoubtedly makes up for a great companion, in most cases. But what it loses its mind, it could pull you, slap you, bite you, get aggressive and do everything scary.

  1. Fuzzy caterpillar

These cute animals can kill you

At first sight, it might look as if someone has dropped their hair wig and out of surprise someone might go ahead and even touch it. Well! That's not advisable at all. If a person touches it, it will shoot poison that will initially cause itching then intense pain and finally death. A person being stung should be rushed to a hospital.

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