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Why doors of Bhangarh are locked after twilight and before sunrise?

Bhangarh Fort is the most haunted place in India and still has ghostly existence. There are many stories behind this fort. Seeing the centuries of history that India has, there are no doubts about there being a lot of mysteries that have yet to be answered.

Undoubtedly the most intriguing of those is the story of Bhangarh. This abandoned city of historical ruins lies at the edge of the Sariska forest in Rajasthan. This fort is famous for its haunted stories and existence of ghosts. But the entry to this place is prohibited between sunset and sunrise. The ban imposed by an Indian Government agency ASI. You cannot go there between sunrise and sunset.

The place ruins lie between Jaipur and Delhi in Rajasthan. Bhangarh is a historic site. The noticeable building here are the temples of Gopinath, Shiva (Someshway) Mangla Devi, Lavina Devi and Keshava Rai. There are also shops along the main road, several havelies, a mosque, and a palace. The town was founded in the late 16t century by Bhagwant Das for his second son Madho Singh.

He was the younger brother to Man Singh I, Emperor Akbar's general. The next to rule Bhangarh was his heir Chhatr Singh. In 1630, after Chhatr Singh died, Bhangarh declined slowly into the ruins that stand there now. When, after the death of Aurangzeb, the Mughal Empire became weaker, Jai Singh II conquered Bhangarh in 1720. Even after this Bhangarh continued to diminish in population, and after the famine of 1783 the town has remained abandoned.

It is said that the town has certain curse upon it which might be one of the reason of the happenings of paranormal activities.

Entry prohibition at night by the government

As you enter the place, the sign greets you and says that the entering the borders of the place before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited. And strict action will be taken for those who will not follow it.

It is the only legally haunted place recognized by the government.

Mystery behind the curse

It is said that the city was cursed by Guru Balu Nath. He had allowed the construction of the town on one condition that the shadow of the city should not touch him or else the city shall be no more. Not heeding the warning, a descendant prince raised the palace to cast a shadow on Balu Nath's retreat. He cursed the town and since then the city has not been habituated. Also it is said that BAALU NATH'S burial place is still there till date.

There is another major story about the fort which could be the reason of its roofless houses. The story is of its princess Ratnavati. It is said that she was the most beautiful lady the village and was considered as the jewel of Rajasthan. There was a tantrik (expert of black magic) fell for her beauty and wanted to owe her. As soon as she came of age she started receiving marriage proposals from princes of different provinces. Name of the tanrik was Singhia. Knowing he couldn't gain the princess's favor nor marry her, he devised a plan to get her attracted to him. When he saw the princess's maid buying oil for the princess, he enchanted the oil so that the princess would surrender herself to him. But the princess saw him doing it and poured the oil on the ground. As the oil touched the ground, a boulder emerged from the place and crushed Singhia. In his dying breath he cursed the palace and all those who lived in it had to live with deaths and there will be curse on the fort forever.

Few years later, princess had also passed away in the battle of Bhangarh and Ajabgarh. There are tales of ghosts still haunting the place. And this is the reason for the ban imposed by the government. The localites believe that the princess has reincarnated and the fort and the empire of Bhangarh still wait for her to return and put an end to the curse. There occur the paranormal activities and the fort has been visited by many archeologists and had been declared as the most haunted place.

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