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An Engineer And A Poet, Who Founded His Own Event Management Company- jRnyEntertainments, Yashvardhan Goel

After completing his graduation (Engineering) in 2014, Yashvardhan Goel realised that this is not something that he wants to do for the rest of his life. Event management was something that interested him a lot. He started visiting event planners for jobs, but the response was not that good. But with his experiences in event management since first year of college, he landed with an event management company of his own "jRnyEntertainments" in 2015.

Yashvardhan started his career as a freelance sponsorship manager for a Delhi base event management company. He worked there for almost two months. "When I told about this to my parents they said " tent wala banega", "Engineering karke koi ijjat ni degaa". But in the end I chose to follow my dreams & today I am happy that I took that decision."
Since November, 2014 he started pitching for college fests & cracked IIT Bhubaneswar as the first event with IIT And Pakistani singer Falak shabir. A concert attended by more than 15000+ Students. With exclusive artist management to writing around 200 poetries he is a true example of dream chasers.

Below are a few glimpses of events managed by him:

IIT Bhubaneswar : Pakistani Singer Falak Shabbir Live 25 Jan 2015

Sharda Universty Mathura Campus :Bollywood Singer Gajendra Verma Live 14th March 2015

Prannath Parnami University Hisar :Dancing Super star Winner Shreya Khanna Live 14thJune 2015

RGIPT (IIT Kanpur , Raebareli Campus ): Artist Trishna Band On 10th October 2015.

NIT Rourkela Innovision : Artist Sorabh Pant & Sapan Verma on 1st November 2015.

IIT Bhubneswar: Sumrit Shahi(India's YOUNGEST bestselling author & TV screenwriter) 8th Jan, Tvf Qtiyapa Show Live On 24th jan

Make My Trip : Indian Saber Band 30th September 2016

Vapour Bar Exchange : Dastak Band Live 24th November 16

and many more.

Q: When did event management interest you? What triggered you to take this as your professional career?

In the second year of my college journey, I got the chance to lead the organizing committee of the fresher's party. It was a great learning experience and it made me realize that engineering as a profession is not something that I want to do for the rest of my life. The dynamic nature of event management interested me a lot. I was happy seeing young talent of the first year performing to their best. From there only Artist management came into my perspective. I love being surrounded by artists, I feel that being an event manager, it's our responsibiliy to develop the artists. After this realization, here I am, doing a full time Artist & Event Management.

Q: When did you find the company? How was the support from family?

I started my Company in January, 2015.

There was no support from the family in the intial days, they used to say "kya kar rha h?? Engineering ki lga rha he. koi ijjat ni dega .tent wala bangea?? " . But still I chose to pursue my dreams.

Q: What type of events have you managed during your college life? One best thing you learned from your experiences that's still guiding you through?

During my student life, I used to manage College Cultural Fest and Freshers party. The one best thing I learned from the experiences is professionalism into my works that is still guiding me through.

Q: What were the initial struggles that you faced during your journey so far?

As I am from an Engineering background, nobody was willing to give me work, but I worked hard understood every possible detail about managing an event through my limited resources. In the end, I got the chance to manage an event at IIT Bhubaneswar, that proved to be a big turning point in my career.

Q: Tell us about the experience of your first major breakthrough. How important was it for you?

Any IIT is a big trademark term when it comes to colleges, managing that event was a big task, with limited practical knowledge of Events .I learnt a lot from that event.

Q: You chose to follow your dreams and finally took this decision. How do you feel about it today?

I feel satisfied, Every day when I wake up there is only one thing I tell myself .."I am doing the right thing".

Q: In respect of the above question, what important message you wold like to convey to the youth today?

One quote on Facebook that I read in the earlier days of my career that "Stop thinking start doing whatever you have wherever you are".

Q: What motivated you the most in your journey so far?

Whenever I travel to a new city and I get to interact with students, new people, professors, to know what they feel, what singers feel & every show comes with a package of new experience & learning for me.

Q: What are your future plans? What is the larger vision you have in your mind?

There are many great events yet to comeup. We will be announcing them officialy at the right time..

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