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And The Wait Is Over! Also Known As India's Justin Bieber, "Shraddha Sharma" Shares Some Untold Facts About Her

Meet Shraddha Sharma, India's most beloved and versatile singer from Dehradun. Born on 15th October 1995, she was still a school kid when her first song was launched. An exotic Guitarist, Shraddha's voice is the treat to everyone's ears. This famous Indian teenage singer topped the internet charts after the release of her YouTube first cover. Having one of the most subscribed Youtube channels in India, Shraddha is a Singer, Guitarist and an Actress too. Shraddha uploaded her first video on YouTube at an age of 15 , which was a cover of the song "Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki" from the movie "Virsa" on 30 April 2011 . She credits her mom for her success. She regards her mother as her inspiration, and the first audience to each of her videos. She blames her passion when it comes to her love for guitar.

Sharaddha's album titled 'Raastey' was launched at the inaugural YouTube Fan Fest on 1 March 2014 held in Mumbai amidst her fans.

Raastey the album is an eclectic mix of Pop, R&B, Rock and Dance and is titled after the lead song Raastey. The album according to Shraddha, is all about life and the road that lies ahead. All of the songs on the album have been written by acclaimed songwriter, Ankur Tewari. Casting a spell with her voice, Shraddha has been named amongst the top young Indian female singers, and has conquered a lot at a very young age.

She has a huge fan base with 3,969,521 Likes and 3,842,120 Followers on Facebook and 225,864 Subscribers and 19,257,081 Views on Youtube till today and the numbers still counting on..

"Shraddha is here to conquer you more with her beautiful journey and success tips. So just hold your breath, Read on and Get inspired.. "

In conversation with the super girl Shraddha:

Q: How did music become such important part of your life? When did you realize that you have to take this as your professional career?

Music has always been a crucial part of my life as my father and mother are supremely fond of old songs. Hence every morning of ours started with evergreen songs on radio. There was no certain realization point for taking music as a career option. But yes YouTube was a great encouragement in life which led to this glorious musical journey I am living today.

Q: What platform did you start from? What were the other platforms that you have sung in during your student life?

I think YouTube has been my first and best platform till date where I genuinely love performing for people who love music. Before coming here I used to perform in my schools, and maybe when my parents liked to show off my little known skills to my relatives and their friends. Doing that was embarrassing and equally funny as a kid but those were one of the most carefree performances of my life.

Q: When did the musical grooming start? Who were the mentors that helped you become so perfect in singing?

When I was a kid my mother used to send me for Hindustani music. But being so fidgety I could never sit and learn. Still somehow I completed my music graduation when I turned 12. I left singing for a while and then YouTube happened getting all the things back on the track. My mother has really helped me to groom myself as a vocalist as she is also trained in classical music.

Q: What were your other interests / hobbies during your student life? What is your preferred genre of music?

I have always loved travelling. Even as a kid I used to go to so many places with my father and used to love enjoying there. I was also a keen learner of dance and guitar. I do not really pay attention to the genre as for me all music is great as long as it pleases your soul. But I have always been drawn towards soul and pop.

Q: How does it feel to be a YouTube megastar and having one of the most subscribed channels in India? Tell us about the biggest dream of your life.

It feels like a dream. Starting something from a scratch and seeing it turn into a beautiful odyssey is a feeling that can't be expressed. My biggest dream is to travel all the places which I have in my list. I also want to have a big room full of pictures of the places I have been to and amazing people I meet on my journeys.

Q: Tell us something that your fans would be surprised to know about you?

Well this is not surprising but this is something they do not know. I love soap bubbles. I can watch them all day and all night. Well some may not find the bubbles too fascinating. But it is what you see inside of them, the reflections which makes it out of this world. Atleast that is what I think.

Q: What is the best part you love about your life and your present career in particular?

I think the best part I like about my life is being independent and doing everything on my own. In my career the best thing for me is to make people smile in their darkest times through my songs.

Q: Who were your biggest supports in this journey so far?Who are your inspirations?

I think the answer to both these questions is the same which is my parents. My parents, specially my father supported and encouraged me in every decision of my life. He never doubted me even for a moment. It Is because of their love and upbringing that I manage to stay along in a city like Mumbai.

Q: What was that one experience of your life that made you learn something new and is still guiding you through?

I think that moment in my life is yet to come.

Q: Tell us something about your favorite singers and the most favorite song you wish you had originally sung.

I love to listen to a lot of people my favorite being Ed Sheeran. One song that I wish I had sung is Main Tainu Samjhawan.

Q: What are your future goals? Your upcoming projects in particular?

I don't really like planning my future. Life gives you surprises and that is what makes it fun. So there is no plan as such but improving my skills and learning more and more music is the only plan for now. I am working on a few originals and some covers I always wanted to do.

Q: What is your message to the aspiring youth who want to do something big in their lives especially in the musical world where there is such tough competition?

My message has always been the same and I believe in it because it is exactly what I follow. If you have a dream and you think you can do it, just go for it without thinking and without caring about other people. Always remember that the lower people pull you down the higher you bounce back. So be awesome and be yourself!!

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