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The 'Tabla Guy' Who Is Weaving The Hypnotic Sounds Of Tabla Drums In The Fabric Of Music ! Nikhil Is Spreading The Rhythmic Pulses All Around !

A musician, composer, and performer, Nikhil personifies the time-honored tradition of the tabla with a dizzying array of musical styles. Weaving the hypnotic sounds of the tabla drums into the fabric of various music styles, he spreads its rhythmic pulse like a newly found ray of sunshine with a fresh cultural integration. He started playing tabla 17 years back when he started training under a Pakistani guru in Saudi Arabia. He returned to India in the year 2001 and got trained under Guru Vishvnath. Being in this thing for 17 years, he started as professional a year back with Instagram, he got a great response from his fans and then he went on to Youtube. Now with a fan following of 71.5k on Instagram and the uniqueness in his art, Nikhil is creating a fan base on Youtube as well. Let's know more about him in the interview down below.

In a conversation with Nikhil :

1) Nikhil, when did you discover an artist in you?

After I uploaded my first video on Instagram, looking at the response I proceeded further on YouTube. The response from my fans gave me a lot of confidence to take it further.

2) What other musical instruments do you like to play? Is tabla your favorite one?

Apart from Tabla, Cajon (This wooden box is extremely popular among drummers and percussionists, as well as others) is one of the self-teaching instruments that I use in my videos. I love its sound and the way it is designed.

3) Is playing tabla your passion or hobby?

A hobby brings satisfaction and pleasure, but it fades after an hour, or after a day, or after a few weeks. A passion is like an ocean. It is immense, and awe-inspiring, and relentless and soothing, all wrapped up into one. When you swim in your passion, you start to discover its enormity and its depth. So I enjoy my hobbies, but live my passion that is tabla.

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4) How do you manage to synchronize the song with the tabla beats?

When you are into music for so long synchronizing with the music is not that difficult. Before doing a video I just listen to the song twice or thrice and the rhythm pattern automatically starts building up in my mind.

5) Being classical instrument player, is competing with the western instruments difficult?

No its never like competing with the western instrument is difficult, in fact, classical and western both goes hand in hand. And the combo of Indian Classical instruments and western instruments sound amazing together.

6) Do YouTube plays a major role to gain popularity and frame? What do you think?

Yes, it does. Social media is extremely strong and played a major role in what I'm today. Instagram and Youtube are an amazing form of social media that have helped me reach the masses.

7) Nikhil, where do you see yourself in the upcoming 5 years?

Looking forward I see myself to be an ace percussionist and a music director.

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