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This 23 Year Old Is Transforming Bengaluru's Art Life - Nishka Mehta The Woman Behind ArtBeat !

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see! "

Art is that knock you hear from your soul and answer it. It has the power to transform, illuminate, motivate, educate and inspire. It is the most intense form of individualism the world has known. A work of an art is a scream of freedom. It enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. It is the only salvation from the horror of existence, washing away from our souls the dust of everyday life. Nishka Mehta, is one such young artistic wizard creating magic across spaces and adding color to life. She dips the brush in her own soul and paints her own personality into pictures.


1) Hey! Nishka, it's great catching up with you. Tell us more about yourself.

Hi! I am Nishka Mehta, founder of ArtBeat and co-founder of PaintBar. I am a self-taught artist and a marketing graduate from Christ University. At 21, I started a full fledged online marketplace promoting affordable and customized art. Since then there is no looking back. I have been selling my art works to patrons across the country and hoping to launch a stand-alone store very soon.

2) What is ArtBeat all about ?

ArtBeat is regarded as Bangalore's most creative e-commerce art studio. We make art pieces that are affordable and accessible. Today, ArtBeat is single-handedly reviving hand made art in a city that symbolizes digital era. We personalize everything including coasters, magnets, photo frames and even walls. We install 3D fixtures, re purposing space's decor, and paint beautiful murals. ArtBeat has made it's way to your favorite cafe's, gyms and office spaces.

3) Nishka, you were the live painter at the under 25 summit held at Bangalore. Tell us about that.

I painted with a few other artists at the event. The event was great fun where different speakers, entrepreneurs and artists came together. We were given a plain canvas where we painted just what we felt like.

4) Your works of art strikes almost every hot spot in Bangalore. Highlight on this.

I have worked on a few cafe's, offices and stores in Bangalore with wall installations and murals. The idea is to add colors and branding to the walls of spaces with products, we tend to utilize mostly.

5) Tell us about the ups and downs you have faced in your journey so far.

It might sound cliche, but it's mostly been ups. When you do what you love and enjoy it, you don't tend to bother about the hard times. I work on all aspects of business myself, and it's a great learning experience. It helps you to understand the business even more.

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6) What is that one dose of inspiration that keeps you moving ?

The customers tend to keep me moving. When they come up with new ideas as to what they want, and discuss it with me, it makes it more fun. Key holders, napkin holders, mobile case, custom-made portraits, you name it and we get it done for you! Expansion in venture is what keeps me moving.

7) Into which areas have you recently stepped into ?

We have stepped into twelve amazing arenas like graphic wall art, corporate gifting, product and logo design etc., which always inspire me to bring out the best in everything.

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