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Modi Pearls- A generational Pearl Business creating history!

21 Mar 2022.5:17 PM

Affordable Pearl jewelleries that compliments every occasion is how I would like to define Modi Pearls. A five generation business which is currently headed by Mr. Sunil Modi is an epitome of art in the pearl jewellery industry. With his insight and depth in this trade, he is currently leading the business with his next generation to leverage technology and internet and make REAL pearl jewellery more accessible, understandable and affordable to everyone.

The name "Modi Pearls" is the family surname and this as well depicts the family legacy of this pearl generational business.

Upon interviewing, I was astonished after knowing in details about the initial idea and story behind the start of the business.

Hyderabad city was ruled by the Nizam ruler of Hyderabad even after independence in 1947. It was properly a part of India only after 1948. Nizam of Hyderabad was particularly fond of pearls, thereby attracting a lot of pearl merchants across India to settle in Hyderabad, to make exotic pearl jewelry for the Nizam of Hyderabad.

After 1948, when Hyderabad became more accessible, and due to its heritage monuments and culture it became a tourist hotspot. Tourists and migrants noticed the dealers making exclusive pearl necklaces/jewellery and started buying it both as a souvenir and a natural addition to their jewellery, making pearl jewellery an industry in particular.

Modi Pearls, way back in 1903, when a small family of jewellery merchants migrated to Hyderabad and became a part of supply chain and manufacturing in Pearl jewellery, mostly curated for then Nizam of Hyderabad at that time. Later, Modi Pearls quickly became synonymous with Real Pearls & Pearl Jewellery across India.

Such an amazing story, isn't it?

The motto of the Modi Pearls is to make pearl jewellery more avid, affordable, understandable and accessible to everyone.

Making the best use of experience and expertise, they work on bringing more creativity, innovation into their trending designs to Pan Indian consumers at an affordable price.

If you take a close look at the pieces, you can see the experience and the mastery of art that has been passed over generations, is hard to beat. I firmly believe nothing can beat
experience and expertise. You'll be startled to know that the Mr. Sunil Modi's
expertise sharpened over years because of having a practical work experience of 40+ years is game-changing. I can bet that this shows up in every authentic piece of this brand.

The brand not only puts forth a benchmark for the traditional business industry but they have their own share of upgradation as well.

ModiPearls.com, their online website was started 6 years ago and Modi Pearls dedicated mobile app were launched almost an year ago which made them the first pearl jewellery application in India.

"This ability to adopt change also helps the team to understand the ongoing fashion and trend change and curate the upcoming pearl jewellery designs in the same direction to make it more compatible with the current generation of consumers" says Mr. Modi.

Modi Pearls firmly believes in the power of customer service for their business. So, you can  understand why such a generational business is holding its peak in the industry?

Now let's come to the best part about the article, how to get in touch, order or become a part of this Modi Pearl Family.

Modi Pearls was originally started as an offline store and even after several years of successful online sales the offline store experience still holds the same significance to Modi Pearls as it did earlier. I am mentioning the address for your convenience.

Address: 22-5-92, Beside Gulzar Houz Circle, Charkaman, Road, near Charminar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002

Modi Pearls is in process to open more branches across Hyderabad to make the accessibility and mobility easier for the customers willing to have an in-hand experience of the products.

They have both Pan India and Worldwide shipping. For all the Indian readers, the shopping is free (irrespective of the order amount). Indian consumers can expect delivery within 1-4 days of time. Global consumers can get the delivery within 5-10 business days of placing the order.

I have linked the website and the social media handle so that you can go through the same and can also keep yourself refreshed on the most recent contributions. 

So what are you waiting for? Drop your orders now. Don't forget to drop down your
comments about your favorite pieces. Tag and mention your friends or family who would love to enhance their style statement with Modi Pearls.



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