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T-Hub startups help in crowd surveillance, thermal screening

Hyderabad: Crowd surveillance, contact tracing and thermal screening have become the need of the hour as the number of Coronavirus cases are growing in the country. Three startups from T-Hub have developed solutions that can help governments and other entities to collect and analyse data using emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, drones and deeptech.

Two-year-old startup Tericsoft, which works on computer vision and AI-based solutions to analyse data from CCTVs, has developed algorithms that can help in social distancing and mask detection.

"We have developed two algorithms that are already in use - one is where it can detect if in an area people are maintaining social distancing norms and see if any crowding is happening and other is the detection of people who are not wearing masks. We are also looking at a third use case wherein we can detect persons with high temperatures and other symptoms like sneezing and cough," said Abdul Rahman Janoo, co-founder and director, Tericsoft. The company is in talks with Hyderabad Police to provide the solution in the State. In addition, it has deployed its solution for one of its clients - which is a cargo company.

Tericsoft Mask Detection Technology

Another startup BlueSemi that provides sensor technology to IoT and wearable devices has used its existing knowledge to develop solutions to tackle Covid-19 pandemic. The startup has developed a contact-less thermal screener which can be deployed in crowded areas like malls, gated communities and corporates. The second solution is a wearable device which can detect body temperature and pulse rate.

"Using the data provided by both these devices, governments can look at effective tracking of possible Covid-19 patients. The technology can minimise the exposure of healthcare workers to infection and can help the government to study the state of health of the population and detect people who are prone to the virus," said Sunil Kumar Maddikatla, founder and CEO, BlueSemi. The startup is in talks with several State governments and is also planning to work with hospitals and corporates.

Drones have become quite useful during such times when human-to-human interaction has to be minimized. has collaborated with TSalla Aerospace to provide its AI technology for drone-based solutions to help police and front liners in combating Covid-19. Currently, the startups are deploying their solution in Bengaluru wherein the drone camera can provide data on crowd gathering to the local police. It is also testing the drones for the delivery of essential medicines in hotspot zones. has collaborated with TSalla Aerospace to provide its AI technology for drone-based solutions to help police and front liners in combating Covid-19
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