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The Bible on brass sheets

Warangal Urban: The deep devotion of a Warangal man towards the God led to his scripting the Holy Bible on brass sheets in a first-of-its-kind attempt.

Vaddepally Gopal (73), a retired government employee from Rangampet in the Warangal city, wrote the Bible in five parts (books) - altogether 1,029 pages - in 687 days. The total weight of the five parts is 52.8 kg.

Speaking to 'Telangana Today', Gopal said that he first began writing the Bible on executive bond papers in 2011 and completed it in 18 months. "After that, I thought of creating a more effective and permanent manuscript and stumbled upon the idea of writing on brass sheets. I then procured brass leaves with a gauge of 47 having width and height of 11X14 inches from Begum Bazar in Hyderabad and designed a special pen for the purpose," he said.

Stating that he started writing the Bible on June 8, 2017, and finished it in June 2019, he said that it took around three hours to produce a single page. "The Bible on brass sheets also contains illustrations and maps," he said, adding that he had spent around Rs 80,000 on the project.

"As far as my knowledge goes, nowhere in the world has the Bible been written on brass sheets," he said.

Born to Vaddepally Kanakaiah and Parvathamma in 1948, Gopal studied up to Class X at Government High School, Rangampet. He joined as an attender in Kakatiya Medical College (KMC) in 1982 and retired as a senior assistant from Primary Health Centre (PHC), Mahamutharam, in 2006. A devout Christian, Gopal has read the Bible many times and decided to write the holy book.

"I received an award from Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on December 20, 2019, for writing the Bible on brass sheets," Gopal said. He also has a manuscript of Andhra Christava Keertanalu on paper with 626 pages introducing songwriters such as Purushotham Choudhari, Betala John, Ravuri Rangaiah, Pulipaaka Jagannadham and others.

Gopal has also authored six books, which include a commentary on the Book of Numbers of the Bible.

According to his children, Vidyasagar, Prem Kumar, Vijay Kumar and Parimala and wife Suwarnadevi, many people frequent their house to have a glimpse of the brass Bible. For more details, one may contact Gopal at 9491065030.

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