Monday, 05 Mar, 10.43 am Telangana Today

Fitness brand MultiFit to set up 12 centres in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: MultiFit, a functional fitness studio brand, said will invest about Rs 30 crore in setting up 12 premium fitness centres in the city. These will have a boxing rink as well as indoor cycling facilities, said its founder Samir Kapoor.

The first of the three will come up in Jubilee Hills, Malaysian Township and Gachibowli shortly. Each would be about 10,000 sft and would see an investment of Rs 2.5 crore each, he said.
It will see its revenue coming from annual and monthly subscriptions. This apart, it will also have a non-gym revenues from the boxing rinks that it intends to set up, he said adding that it is self-funded.

Each centre will have 14 trainers. Some of them will be drafted here from its national pool of over 350 trainers. It will also be open to recruit a few local trainers, he said.

"Though not of Olympic size, the boxing rinks will be equipped to expose enthusiasts to the sport. This will also be used as part of the cardio fitness regime. We will also offer looping (indoor cycling) in the studio. Yoga, boxing, looping will be part of the 60 minute session. We will have a callisthenic-based approach to fitness. We will not have treadmills here," he said adding that boxing and looping modules are developed in-house.

Why Hyderabad? "There is a health ecosystem present with good players already. Health enthusiasts spending Rs 30,000 to 50,000 per annum. We are focused on this group. People here love to eat good food and also have fitness high on the agenda. focus is on functional fitness," he said.

Multifit started as a single studio brand in Pune in 2015. It now has 19 large format studios across West and North India and has 40,000 members. It will also launch facilities in Bengaluru, Mysore and other places.

MultiFit has been the fitness partner for Pune FC, Premier Futsal & Puneri Phaltans (Pro-Kabaddi League). It offered genetic-based nutrition mapping and has its own trainer training institute, MultiFit Exercise Science Academy.

Over the next year, the brand looks to develop initiatives to build a fitness eco-system.