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Rashmi's "Anthaku Minchi" Movie Review - Telugu Bullet

Cast: Rashmi Gautham, Jai, Ravi Prakash, Ajay Ghosh, Madhu Nandan, Mahadevan and others
Director: Jhony
Music Director: Suneel Kashyap
Producers: Satish and Padmanabha Reddy

Jabardasth anchor Rashmi Gautham occasionally comes from small screen to big screen. She did Guntur Talkies, Next Nuvve and some more movies as a heroine. But, she did not get a solid mark as a heroine. Now, she has come with a horror flick along with Jai. Jai is hero and producer of this film. Their movie "Anthaku Minchi" is released today. So, let's check its story.

A guy Raju(Jai) wants to be a millionaire. Though, he listens to an advertisement. The advertisement is that if anyone proved the conclusion about the existence of the evil spirits in the bungalow, they will get 5 crores of money as the prize. So, Jai goes for this challenge and he meets Priya in that process. Though, Raju experiences the existence of the evil spirits in his sister's house. But, Priya wants to prove it as fake. Thus, they challenge each other and work on that. Really, is there any evil spirit? What are the situations they faced in the Bungalow? Further story on the big screens. Though, here is an analysis.

The proving competitions, the devil in the bungalow are regular storylines. Many stories are executed on this plot. So, there is no freshness in the film. Though, if there are the scariest horror elements in the film, it will be gotten a good response. But, the director made it as very dramatically. It is so far from general reality. Maybe, the director did not make it as what he felt. The main elements in the movie are romantic scenes. Rashmi Gautham and Jai's romantic scenes are good. Comedy track with Madhu was also good. This horror film not so attractive and the director could use the actors in somewhat better.

Rashmi Gautham action was good and her glamour is the prime aspect for this film. Without her contribution, this movie didn't get even much buzz. As like that, debut hero Jai acting was nice and in romantic scenes also he did well without any nervousness. Madhu's comedy is plus point for this film.

Director Jhony made it as regular, and the horror flavour was missed but he tried well. Though, the production values are good. And, P.Balireddy's cinematography was nice. The music from Sunil Kashyap is also good. Finally, the movie was regular, can go for seeing Rashmi.

Telugu Bullet punchline - Rashmi Gautham is there. There is nothing "Anthaku Minchi"

Telugu Bullet Rating - 1.75/5

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