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If you also have old notes or coins, then you can become a millionaire! Read How

You can earn crores of rupees by selling old items. people like to buy old things. Similarly, you can earn good money by selling the old 5 rupee note. If anyone has an old 5 rupee note,

which has been featured on the 786 series or a special image of a tractor fitted in the game, you can get crores of rupees in online auctions. You can find many websites that sell used items. According to media reports, old notes can be auctioned easily on websites like eBay or Indian Old Coin.

Many coins have already been sold for millions and if you want to sell such a note, you have to take a clean picture of the note and upload it on the website and the auction will start. But it is important to get good information about the website.

The value of the first 1740 coin was 3 crores. At the same time, a picture of Lord Shiva is made on a silver coin which is about 400 years old and is worth 3.50 lakh. The 1018-year-old Mecca Medina coin was sold for 2.5 crores. The coin of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Temple Board has been sold for 50 lakh rupees, there is a picture of Maa Durga on it.

We don't sell it , you can sell your coins on above websites or other ones

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