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India VS China : if war happened , then know which countries support whom

If there was a war between India and China, then this war is not going to be confined to just two countries. These wars can be world wars. Because in today's time many countries consider India as their true friend, and some countries have deep friendship with China. Today, according to a report in this subject, we will try to know that if there is a war between India and China, then which country will be with whom.

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According to a report, in today's present day India's friendship is good with almost all the countries of the world. In this situation, if there is war, then India can join Japan, America, Israel, France, Australia, Germany, Vietnam. These countries are opposed to the expansionist policy of China. At the same time, these countries hold China responsible for the Corona crisis. At the same time, friendship between India and Russia is also considered unbreakable in the world. Russia has supported India in every war. But at present, Russia and China have also strengthened their friendship because of America.

In the Corona era, almost all the countries of the world are angry with China and are responsible for spreading the corona virus. There is also talk of many countries taking action against China on Corona. In this situation, if there is a war, then only Pakistan and North Korea can get support.

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