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Military strength of these 4 countries is increasing rapidly, know India's position

According to a recent report, many countries in the world are increasing their military strength. But in this list, there are four countries whose military strength is increasing the most. The armies of these countries are equipped with modern weapons and lethal missile systems. According to the report of The Spectator Index, America is first in this list, whose military strength is increasing rapidly. At present, the US military is equipped with the most modern and lethal weapons.

Its strengths are increasing at double the speed. At the same time, Russia has been ranked second in this list. While the Chinese Army has been placed in the third place. after America, Russia's military strength is also increasing rapidly, while China is also increasing its military strength continuously. According to the report, India's military strength has also increased rapidly in the last few years. Currently India's military strength is at number four. India's forces are also equipped with modern technology. A tremendous increase is seen in its strength.

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