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These habits can bother you later, get rid of these habits as soon as possible

Every person has some habits which he does not pay much attention to. But if you do not get rid of these habits as soon as possible, sometimes it causes problems for you. Let us know about some such small but important habits-

1)Some people have a habit of using the phone till late at night. This habit is not considered right for your health. This puts people at risk of heart attacks, weak eyes, stressful life as well as sleep disorders.

2)At the same time there are some people who keep biting nails with teeth again and again. Due to this, the growth of your nails is affected, as well as the scum deposited in the nails causes infection in the stomach in many ways.

3)Some people have a habit of drinking tea in bed. His habit invites gas, indigestion and many other problems in his stomach.

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