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    COVID-19 vs 2020's Sports Calendar: Checking Our Priorities

    The Bastion Shorts-Episode 8 The world is at a standstill. As the novel Coronavirus spreads further, the world seems to be locking-down. Earlier this month we released a video explaining the fundamentals of protecting yourselves against the virus. Since then, a lot has changed. The soaring number of cases have led to social distancing protocols and ignited the "work from home"...

    • 3 days ago
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    The COVID-19 Crisis Should Make Us Rethink Our Prejudices Against Basic Incomes Transfers

    Albeit indefinite, the coronavirus-induced (paid) stay-at-home orders are temporary for many privileged citizens. But, for masses of India's working population, this nagging sense of unease, uncertainty and not knowing where their next meal will come from, is an everyday state of being. Even under normal circumstances, tenant farmers could be in debt...

    • 4 days ago
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    Local Solutions to Local Waste: Himachal Pradesh's Aima Panchayat

    It's a busy intersection at Himachal Pradesh's Palampur. In the backdrop of this town, the Himalayas stand tall adorned with the winter's snow, and at the intersection in the morning, HRTC buses make brief stops letting passengers off and on. Against this daily bustle of vehicles and opening up of shops, a peculiar vehicle stands out. It is difficult to miss. A...

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    The Future of Angrezi Medium in Andhra Pradesh

    Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, made headlines in November 2019, with a proposal to convert all government schools into English-medium schools. The CM's rationale was to provide equal access to English to all students given the rising global importance of learning the language. The proposal states that all teachers will be trained to teach in English, while supporting...

    • 7 days ago
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    No Work From Home

    Modi's Janata Curfew on this Sunday was welcomed with what can only be described as rabid energy; the fake news marshalls forwarded messages about how the virus will die after 12 hours, and the 14-hour curfew was the best solution. The religious mafia and susceptible older believers were adamant that the ' bartan banging ' would dispel any virus and bad bacteria from the body, as this was the very same...

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    How Well Can E-Learning Match Up To A Traditional Classroom?

    Imagine learning a course from top teachers a continent away, from the comfort of sitting at your home.Today, the Internet has brought about a revolution across different sectors, from ordering food to booking a cab. Everything is going online. So is education. As of now, the teaching-learning process in India is aligned towards the brick and mortar classroom model. With the rapid...

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    Living in Toxicity: Industrial Pollution in Himachal Pradesh's Baddi

    Photographed by Sumit Mahar Suleman is a stressed man. In May 2019, the Shimla High Court had passed a seemingly positive order , considering the relocation of his house and 32-member joint family from their current residence in Kenduwal, a village in the Baddi area of Himachal Pradesh's Solan district. Yet, almost a year later, his family is still where they were....

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    Why Your Teacher Needs To Be Trained Better

    All over the world, governments invest in teachers' professional development as a measure to improve student learning outcomes in a region. Elaborate studies have attempted to evaluate the impact of such interventions; in 2019, Campbell Collaboration collated over 50 such studies to assess the effectiveness of continuing professional development through teacher training. Surprisingly, it could...

    • 2 weeks ago
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    Citizen Science: Data of the People, by the People, for the People

    Last week, something interesting was introduced in the state of Sikkim. A 'Sunny Weather Lab' to record information like wind speed, temperature, and rainfall was inaugurated by SEEDS , an organisation focusing on creating disaster-resilient and sustainable communities across South Asia. In a place like Sikkim, where the weather differs from one valley to another,...

    • 2 weeks ago
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    Study in India: Is India Ready To Be A Destination For Foreign Students?

    India with its culture of 'Atithi Devo Bhava' has been attracting foreign students for years. However, the government is now focusing on transforming India into a hub of higher education for foreign students. In her recent budget speech , Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitharaman announced the 'Study in India' initiative, to boost the country's status...

    • 3 weeks ago