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    Kolkata's 'Environmental Subsidy' is in Danger

    Written by Arnab Chakraborty Peri-urban Kolkata, to the East of the city, is dotted with several water-bodies, farms, and stinky canals. This same site is also the IT hub of the city, filled with huge glossy offices of multinational companies. Right beside them though, you can see huge fish tanks, and fishermen in their boats casting their nets for the day. The coast is also dotted by a few...

    • 3 days ago
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    Time to Recognize the Challenges Posed by AMR

    Written by Rohan Parikh The nature of medicine is changing rapidly. In the early 1940s, diseases were life-threatening; a single surface-deep cut on the skin or a minor abrasion could prove to be life-threatening. With the advent of antibiotics, that changed. Life-threatening illnesses could now be countered with the right drugs and a few days of rest. The way humankind perceived the notion of...

    • 5 days ago
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    A Highway of Contention

    Written by Arathi Menon Photographed by Abhishek N. Chinnappa Balachandra, Conservator of Forests and Field Director, Project Tiger, Bandipur, is a worried man. Close on the heels of a massive protest in neighbouring Kerala, over the rumoured closure of the highway that connects it with Karnataka through the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, he had to oversee the capture of a tiger that had strayed into a village in the...

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    A 'Next Generation' Education for Delhi

    Written by Ipsita Mishra "Delhi will soon have its own education board, that will not be a replacement for CBSE, but a 'next-generation board' to help students prepare for entrance examinations like JEE and NEET," announced Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister (and Education Minister) Manish Sisodia recently. Sisodia claimed that this plan to bring in an entirely new board was...

    • a week ago
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    Not on Our Commons: Rajasthan's Villages Fight Against Mining

    Vaishnavi Rathore and Deborupa Ghosh Since the first week of September, Pur, a town in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan has been on an indefinite protest. One of their banners says, "Shut Jindal Company, provide relief to the public of Pur." They are referring to Jindal SAW Ltd that has been in the limelight since 2015 for accusations of illegal iron ore mining, taking...

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    Let's #EduTok: Democratising E-Learning or Shrewd PR Gimmick?

    Understanding the Context TikTok's arrival in India has been heralded as a game-changer in Indian social media spaces. The country is home to 120 million active 'TikTokers', all of whom create or consume the free, short entertaining videos the platform has become renowned for. In India, according to the company, the platform has also picked up in non-metro areas,...

    • 2 weeks ago
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    Designing the Indian Dream

    Written by Sourya Reddy The Northeast is a region that has barely ever figured into the larger idea of India - often there just as mentions in Incredible India promotions. Successive governments at the centre have more often than not failed to make any meaningful connect between this region and the 'mainland'. This has led to some serious development struggles in the region, whose reasons are numerous;...

    • 2 weeks ago
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    Jheel Ke Kinaare: Crisis in the City of Lakes (Part III)

    Filmed by Kartikeya Saxena In Part III, the final part of the Jheel Ke Kinaare series, we explore the politics of water management in Udaipur. With Udaipur constantly growing, in terms of population and its appeal as a tourist destination, the pressure to meet its needs is like never before. This is especially true for the city's water resources. To meet its requirements,...

    • 3 weeks ago
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    Preventing Desertification, One Common Land at a Time

    Written & Photographed by Vaishnavi Rathore Gajinder is standing on a cliff. Ahead of him, in the flat land below lies the Marwar region of Rajasthan, a part of the Thar Desert. The hill that he is on is part of the Aravallis in Gogunda, Udaipur, part of the Mewar Region. He looks around at the contrasting view; ahead of him, the dry desert starts to make an appearance, and behind him,...

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    Providing an Art Education for All

    Written by Ipsita Mishra "I grew up with numbers and labels. These numbers tell me where I stand, how much I learn, and how much I know. But I wonder, are these numbers, that feel like advertisements interrupting my favourite movie, really that significant?." - 14-year old Supriya Kumari, a student of Rashtriya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya, Delhi, reciting her poem 'Numbers' , describes the...