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    How I Went From Walking Barefoot to School To Bagging My Dream Job: Domestic Worker's Son Shares

    When Bhavesh Lohar from Udaipur, Rajasthan was a young boy, he would walk barefoot on the highway in the scorching heat every day, and talk with his friends about what cars they would buy when they made it big one day. Around this time, when he saw an ad in a local newspaper for a Ford Figo, he instantly fell in love. Now, Bhavesh seems to have come...

    • 3 hrs ago
  • Positive News

    How I Lost 60 Kilos in 9 Months By Replacing Rice With Ragi & Bajra

    'My struggles with weight began in Class 9, when I weighed 66 kilos. My classmates would bully me, call me names, or address me as 'uncle'. Since then, until I joined work in 2013, I lived a sedentary life and continued gaining weight. I weighed over 100 kilos,' recalls 29-year-old Balajepalli Shivaram Sastry, a resident of Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. 'I was eventually...

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    After 12 Years at NASA, Scientist Returns To Roots To Help Farmers Protect Their Crops

    Extreme weather conditions such as hailstorms, heavy rains, floods and droughts are impacting Indian agriculture heavily, and have cost the industry losses worth millions of rupees. . While nature's fury is beyond humanity's control, farmers can benefit by reducing losses if they are given warning signs to brace for rough weather accordingly. A former...

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    14-Yo Entrepreneur Breaks the Market With Her Innovative Learning Tools for Toddlers

    Neonatal development is a crucial topic of concern for many parents and caregivers. During the period of infancy, the cerebral cortex develops at a fast rate, impacting the amount of information the brain will hold in a lifetime. However, while new parents make sure their children receive the necessities of warmth, food, and care, not enough conversation is...

  • Positive News

    10-Yo Makes Eco-Friendly Paper From Peels of Onion, Garlic & Potatoes

    Little Manya Harsha calls herself a sustainability influencer who is working towards bringing a positive change in India's waste management system. She is an active volunteer at various green initiatives and has been lauded by UN-Water for her efforts to save the environment. What's most inspiring is that she is only 10 years old. An eco-activist and a Class 6 student of...

    • 2 days ago
  • Spotlight

    Video: Mirabai Chanu Creates History, Wins India's 1st Medal at Tokyo Olympics

    In news that has made the nation proud, Saikhom Mirabai Chanu has won India's first medal at the Tokyo Olympics. The 26-year-old weightlifter bagged a silver medal in the women's 49kg category. Her achievement has ended India's over two-decade-long wait for a weightlifting medal at the Olympics. Chanu's story of perseverance in the face of adversity makes her win...

    • 3 days ago
  • Spotlight

    Given 1 Year After Failing Twice at UPSC CSE, IAS Officer Shares How She Finally Cracked it

    After two failed attempts at the Union Public Service Commission's (UPSC) Civil Service Examination (CSE), to give up on a steady corporate career to focus on preparing for the exam is like taking a leap of faith. This is precisely what Nidhi Siwach (28), who secured an All India Rank (AIR) of 83 in the 2018 CSE, felt. 'It was a huge risk. One that...

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    Startup Turns 80,000 Tons of Wrappers & Toothpaste Tubes into Benches & Roofs

    You might be willing to cut down on plastic bags to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, but there is a major hindrance to these fond ideals that most of us never seem to consider. Consider this - what is among the first items you hold in the morning, apart from your smartphone? , For most of you - it is a tube of toothpaste made from multi-layered plastic (MLP). And...

  • Positive News

    'I Pay Zero Rupees for My Electricity': Goa-Based Professor Shows How

    Earlier this year, when cyclone Tauktae hit the West coast, many homes in Madhusudhan Joshi's locality in Goa faced a power outage for three days. However, his home had enough electricity to power essential appliances as well as charge the mobile phones of a few neighbours. This was only possible thanks to the hybrid solar energy system he uses to power his home. In 2018,...

  • Positive News

    Indian Origin Man Has Risked His Life For 32 Years To Save Brazil's Amazon

    Amid the lush Amazon forests in Brazil, young Shaji—still in his mid-twenties then—was working with the Quilombola community. These are descendants of Afro-Brazilian slaves who escaped slave plantations in Brazil by running deep into the forests and settling with the existing tribal communities. This was one of Shaji's first few assignments for working for...