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    Queens of Spice: The Mumbai Homemakers Keeping 'Bottle Masala' Tradition Alive

    During the pre-independence era, when the East India Company claimed its power over most of the Indian subcontinent, a certain community in the northern parts of the Konkan belt was left out. Many of the inhabitants of these parts were converted to Christianity by the Portuguese. However, they never let go of their roots and Konkani culture; this pride and heritage...

    • 18 hrs ago
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    Retd 73-YO Opens 7 Library-Cum-Classrooms For Noida's Underprivileged Kids!

    Santosh: It is my Fundamental Right to sing in a free period. Mansi: But don't you think that no Right is absolute? If your singing disturbs me, then I have the right to object. Ma'am are fundamental rights conditional or unconditional? The discussion, in broken English, between the 10-year-olds, about the Constitution, continued in a small room of a...

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    32 Shades of a 'Masta' Drink: Why Sujata Mastani Is Pune's Favourite Summer Staple!

    If I asked you to define your summer in two words, how likely are you to answer-mangoes and ice-cream? Growing up in Pune, summer holidays meant hanging out with friends long after the usual school-days curfew and relishing the otherwise forbidden dessert-ice cream. While the rest of the nine months were strictly under parents' rule - "Don't eat...

    • 19 hrs ago
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    Kolhapur's Century-Old Tryst With Wrestling Gave India Its 1st Individual Olympic Medal

    Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article wrongly used images by photographer Indrajit Khambe. The images have been removed. We deeply apologise for the error. The year was 1948 and Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav was all set for his first feel of the big stage at the London Olympics. It was also the first time in the history of the Games that India...

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    27-YO Didn't Crack UPSC Even After 3 Attempts & His Journey Will Inspire You!

    "An exam is just a qualifier, not a judge of your merit or the measure of your dreams"- is what my father used to tell me just before an important examination. A few years down the line, and I found the same lines echo through the life of this 27-year-old, who has inspired thousands with his missed attempts to crack the Civil Services Exam (CSE). Meet Akand...

    • 20 hrs ago
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    Here's How This Father Is Crowdfunding His Taekwondo Champ Daughter's Olympic Dream!

    There is no shortage of sporting talent in India, but sadly, factors like lack of encouragement, uncertain prospects and minimal financial support nip the dream right in the bud for countless sportspersons. 14-year-old Shreya Jadhav from Mumbai aims to represent India and clinch the gold in taekwondo at the 2024 Olympics. She is already India's U-14...

    • 20 hrs ago
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    Teacher Lives in Forests For 20 Years, Uplifts One of Kerala's Most Underprivileged Tribes!

    In 1999, when 29-year-old PK Muraleedharan left for Nenmanalkudy, a tribal settlement in Kerala's Idukki district, little did he know that his life was to change forever. Muraleedharan was a volunteer with Kerala's District Primary Education Project (DPEP), which had to set up Multi-Grade Learning Centres (MGLC) in remote tribal locations...

    • 23 hrs ago
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    Hello, Zero-Plastic Parties: 10 Urban Initiatives That Let You Rent Plates & Cutlery!

    House parties are the best thing ever! Birthday bashes, housewarming, celebratory occasions-people who love to entertain cannot have enough of them. With the click-and-order age we live in, organising such events is a piece of cake. Food gets catered, and as for crockery and cutlery, most of us fall back on the good-ol' disposable dinnerware. And voila!...

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    Noida to Become Zero-Discharge City, Will Treat Wastewater & Supply It To Homes

    How do you save water and ensure at the same time that the sewage coming out of your residential complexes do not pollute either the groundwater or the precious water bodies? Well, Noida seems to have the answer for the time being. This city in Uttar Pradesh is well on course to become zero sewage discharge city. Earlier this week, the city's municipal body,...

    • 3 days ago
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    Poor Marks to Poverty: 5 IIT-ians Who Overcame All Odds to Crack JEE

    It is often the struggles in the path that make the person worthy of the success they achieve. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, after all. The Better India usually brings you success stories of people who have overcome physical, financial and academic difficulties to finally excel in their chosen fields. Each story is as unique as the challenges they have...