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    Exclusive: How This Indian Patient Recovered From COVID-19 in New York

    With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic showing little signs of abating in India, there is a great deal of fear and anxiety. Currently undergoing a 21-day lockdown, India is reporting more COVID-19 positive cases with each passing day. But that should not ring further alarm bells because this means more people are getting tested than earlier. The more people we test, the...

    • 3 days ago
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    Exclusive: Delhi's First COVID-19 Survivor Has An Important Message to Share

    Adversities work in mysterious ways. They can either bring out the best or the worst in you. And, the story of Rohit Dutta is a living proof of that. The first survivor of COVID-19 in Delhi, Rohit has been at the receiving end of good wishes and at times, accusatory stares (mostly fueled by misinformation) for the past 14 days. Talking to The Better India (TBI), he...

    • 4 days ago
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    Pune Firm Innovates Low-Cost Kit That Detects COVID-19 in Less Than Half The Time

    On the evening of 25 March 2020, Mylab Discovery Solutions Private Limited, a Pune-based molecular diagnostics startup, announced that it is ready to supply its first batch of Made in India COVID-19 testing kits to government hospitals and private labs. In the first batch, the Pune startup will supply testing kits to conduct 15,000 tests. As stated in a listicle...

    • 5 days ago
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    Opinion: Our Doctors Are Saving Lives During COVID-19. Don't Harass Them!

    At 5 pm on March 22, in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's clarion call, many Indians came out on their balconies to express their solidarity with doctors and public health workers battling on the frontlines to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, the same doctors who were being applauded for their work, have taken to social media to narrate how they...

    • 6 days ago
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    Nipah to Coronavirus: IAS Officer Explains Why Kerala Is Better Prepared Than Most

    The Kerala government has received widespread praise for how it has proactively handled the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. From holding daily briefings on the virus, ensuring better access to practical information for the general public to inculcating best public health practices in times of epidemics like rigorous contact tracing and maintaining strict...

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    Mumbai Doctors Set Up COVID-19 Helpline, Will Answer Your Queries For Free

    While many of us have the option of working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, medical and health care professionals do not. A group of physicians led by Dr Tushar Shah in Mumbai have come together to set up a telephonic helpline to assuage people's fears. Doctors are available on call from 8 am to 11 pm. The Better India spoke to Dr S Pandit, one of the doctors of...

    • 2 weeks ago
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    After Mom Dies of Cancer, Army Man Spends 27 Years Giving Free Healthcare to 38,000

    W hen Sultana Sheikh learnt that her breast cancer treatment would go into lakhs she refused to get any medical attention. Even after her husband who works as an electrician assured her that he would arrange the money and give her the best possible care, her answer did not change. 'It was probably the guilt of making my entire family suffer emotionally and...

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    Coronavirus & Anxiety: How To Care For Your Mental Health Amid 'Social Distancing'

    Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. -Dr Viktor Frankl As many of you are aware, we are facing a pandemic. As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to enter communities around the world, we must keep ourselves informed while following guidelines set out...

    • 2 weeks ago
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    Doctors to District Collectors: Meet the Indians Battling Coronavirus On The Front Lines

    India has reported more than 120 positive cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the country, including foreign nationals. Battling this deadly virus which has wreaked havoc in China, United States and Europe are doctors, nurses, health workers and local district administrations. Earlier this week, The Better India (TBI) spoke to some of those fighting on...

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    Being Thin Means Low Cholesterol? 6 Cholesterol Myths Busted By a Doctor

    'Cholesterol' is a type of fat that is found in all the cells of our bodies. While 75 per cent of cholesterol in our bodies is attributed to the liver, cells and other organs, the other 25 per cent comes from the consumption of food from animal sources like meat, cheese, and eggs. Too much cholesterol can be bad for us. But is cholesterol the villain we think it to be? In...