Friday, 30 Jul, 12.20 pm The Commune

"Hindu" word removed from HR&CE dept board in Nagercoil, added after protest from Hindu leaders

In another controversial incident under the DMK government, the word "Hindu" was deleted from the Hindu Religious Charitable and Endowment department board of the Superintendent's office in Nagercoil constituency.

Many Hindu leaders, activists, and common citizens have criticized the DMK government for Christianizing the Hindu Religious Charitable and Endowments Department after the news went viral on social media. They have questioned whether the DMK government will take control of Churches and Mosques as the board only has the "Religious Charitable and Endowments Department." Following public outrage, Nagercoil Superintendent Office has modified the name to add the word 'Hindu.'

Recently, controversial Christian Pastor George Ponnaiya had warned Hindus saying," we (minorities) were 42% once and now we are 62% of the total population in Kanya Kumari. soon, our population will cross 70%. we will continue to increase our population and no one can stop it. we tell this as a warning to Hindus. we do not fear BJP or RSS. You cannot stop us."

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