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Book Review: Just out

Book: The Making of Hero

Author: Sunil Kant Munjal

Publisher: HaperCollins

After escaping to the partition-ravaged cities of Amritsar, Agra, Delhi and finally settling in Ludhiana in the 1940s, four of the six Munjal brothers built their business, part by part. Hero began with trading in and then manufacturing bicycle parts and today the restructured group also encompasses service businesses and infrastructure.

Book: Attitude is Everything

Author: Jawed Habib

Publisher: Sage

Stop giving up on your dreams and start turning them into reality. The journey to a successful life starts with the superpower called attitude.

Attitude is everything unravels the dynamic professional journey of the hairdresser turned entrepreneur and politician, Jawed Habib, who in this book unfolds the secrets of his success in building a hair and beauty empire.

Book: The Emperor Who Never Was

Author: Supriya Gandhi

Publisher: Harvard University Press

Supriya Gandhi draws on archival sources to tell the story of the four brothers Dara, Shuja, Murad and Aurangzeb and their sister Jahanara Begum who clashed during a war of succession. Historians have wondered whether the Mughal Empire would have survived had Dara ascended the throne.

Book: The Life of Z

Author: Debashish Sengupta

Publisher: Sage

A Swedish teenager, Greta Thunderberg, has become the poster girl for the Climate Change movement across the world. The Life of Z packs extensive real-life narratives and thought provoking analysis to help us understand this generation born 2000 and after to engage with them for a better future for them and for all of us.

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