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But lacks finesse...: Critics describe B Chandravadhan's 'Fear of God' a vigilante 'thriller'

Fear of God is Bommadevara Sai Chandravadhan's (writing under the pen name Vadhan) third book, his first being Shatru and the second, Agniputr. The author is a lawyer by profession and manages regulatory risk practice in a multinational consulting firm.

The book, Fear of God, purports the message that if the villain(s) thinks he/she is beyond the long arm of the law, then there is no escape from the 'fear of god'!

Fear of God is an out and out vigilante 'thriller' where one takes on the corrupt political establishment, when the law fails. And for those who think they are above the law. "The corrupt will develop the fear of God. They cannot run from the fear of God. I am coming for the rest of you. You won't know when where it how I'll get you! I am here to eradicate you!" This is the chilling message meted out at the beginning of the book by the vigilante.

Frankly speaking, Vadhan is yet to get there in terms of narrative, suspense, language and edge-of-seat excitement. His narrative at times lacks tautness, finesse, outlining of the characters and surprise element. Though one must admit portrayal and introduction of the central character, the book is full of suspense and leaves a lot to the imagination until the fag end.

But, the ace up Vadhan's sleeve is the last chapter. Is it vendetta? Revenge? One against the corrupt system? For that, you need to read the book.

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