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Coronavirus news of Madhya Pradesh: Neemuch techies build face shields for medical teams

Neemuch: Youngsters in Neemuch have made a face shield for the medical professionals working day and night to fight coronavirus. A start-up is creating a face shield to protect the nurses and doctors from getting infected.

EtechRobot Technology Private Limited, established in 2017 is working towards supplying robotic equipments and developing smart classrooms. Company's CEO Yash Jain and MD Harsh Jain first proposed the idea to zila panchayat CEO Bhavya Mittal, who approved the idea.

The company is working tirelessly to manufacture the shields. About 200 face shields have been manufactured in the first phase. CEO Yash Jain said that many people are wearing masks, but the effectiveness of these masks is at stake as the eyes and half of the face is still uncovered and at risk.

The shield is being created by a 3-d printer, each unit taking up one hour for full construction. The shields were first provided to doctors in District Hospital, and other hospitals in Mandsaur district are also receiving the shields. Price per unit at which shields are being sold to the government is Rs 95, at breakeven. A proposal regarding the same has been given to the central government, and the company is waiting for approval.

Yash Jain informed that they have also developed an application, Rakshak COVID-19, which takes information of a suspected case and provides them medical services. The data can tell how much medical service is required, area-wise.

Zila panchayat CEO Bhavya Mittal said that the police department has also received the shields and that the company is manufacturing more shields every day. The company is also trying to manufacture a type of ventilator that is cheaper and readily available. This alternative will be of great help for the workers in medical sector

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