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It's personal: Notes to my younger self by Suchitra Pillai

There you are, with your long hair and hyper energy. I see you are ready to take on the world. Well, it's a fabulous world you are about to step into, Suchi... So don't you worry child... coz heaven's got a plan for you.

Twenty and ready to take one of the biggest steps that a woman can take - marriage. Are you sure you want to do this now? It may not work out. Maybe you haven't seen enough of life yet, maybe London isn't the place for you.

Then again, maybe this is the time for you to experience the rush of love and a whirlwind romance and yes, he is a great guy! Nothing to worry about on that front, so hold your head up high and take the leap. You won't regret it coz it makes you who you are, board that flight and become Mrs So-And-So.

Yes, London is where you start your career, one so different from what you had thought it would be. It's okay, you have that engineering degree, it's knowledge'll help you change a light bulb on the set when you are filming, or open up your DVD player at home and know what's wrong inside! What's that? Oh yes, filming on a set? That's what you'll be doing soon...when you get your first lead role in a French film.

You'll even be on top of the pops and sing on the albums of three international artistes. That's the life for you...the arc lights, the stage, the singing studios, the music'll pack it all in, in the years to come. And believe me, you'll have a blast doing it!

It's been a good seven years in the UK, hasn't it? It felt good to be loved and so what if Mrs is no longer the prefix to your name? Don't shed too many tears because it was beautiful while it lasted. And I promise you, it's going to be even better in another seven years from now.

So till then, do your thing - go shine on Channel V, definitely sign that film Dil Chahta Hai, go all out with theatre and that play Dance Like A Man. You'll still be doing shows of it 15 years later... Do those TV serials, make your own money, show your worried parents that you can make a success of your life without a wedding band on your finger.

There will be few more times you'll have to cry, yes, you'll be hurt by a few, your sensitive heart doesn't learn, does it? But as I said: All of this will make you who you are today. So don't have any regrets. And hey, don't worry that the deal with HMV didn't work out, your singing talent will get its springboard soon enough.

If I may, a few words of advice...I know your friends are your lifeline, but take some time out for you too coz they will understand you need to do that.

Don't get so affected by the little fights and misunderstandings...they are all still going to be there when you are 42. Yes, the same friends you've cared so much about...and some new ones who'll take their time to become part of your life.

Also make some good investments when the money is a house. Don't wait till you're 36. Spend time with mum and dad...She may give you a little shake up in a few years, so tell her how much you love her.

Yes, you will be called a party animal.isn't that what they call someone who's been made the ambassadoress of a nightclub?! Meanwhile, brush up on your Danish.

You heard right, Danish.because that's your husband-to-be's mother tongue! How this gorgeous man landed up from a town called Kongerslev and stole your heart will play out in about 11 months when you are 34. Your childhood dream of having a white wedding will come true, that too in an old castle in Denmark.

Oh, that's after the picture perfect Malayali wedding in Kerala. You'll choose a nice date: 20-05-2005.the start of one of the most beautiful chapters in your life. I'm glad you never gave up on love because this man Lars will show you all you ever wanted to know about love and all that goes with it.

You will be loved for who you are. No need to change an ounce but yes, listen to those 'Learn Danish' CDs! It'll make him happy, so don't procrastinate about it like I did!

Don't worry about your biological clock ticking too fast - there's hope on the horizon when you are 37. An angel will enter your lives and life will never be the same.

Call her 'Annika' for she will be as strong-willed as Goddess Durga whose other name that is. This will be the completion of your universe, Suchi, and all else will seem secondary.

So sing your heart out when you hit your 40s. It's never too late to hone a God-given talent. You will be appreciated for it and you will find it to be the one thing you wished you had pursued long ago...

Life is good are surrounded by the love of your family, friends who adore you, there are no regrets about anything you've done or haven't yet done, your soul will lift knowing that there is so much more that lies ahead. You are blessed, Suchi, so count your blessings every day. I'll be waiting here to guide you through the rest of your life, so see you in about 22 years.

- Co-ordinated by Anju Warrier

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