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Plucking Grey Hair Won't Speed Up Graying, But It Can Cause Other Problems!

Going grey can be devastating, whether you're 30 or 60! You notice the first few strands one day and once you see them, you can't help checking them out every morning when you comb your hair. You have no idea what to do about them and so you do nothing, hoping that the problem is limited to just those few strands of grey hair.

What Happens When We Pluck Grey Hair?

"Plucking a strand of grey hair can cause you to lose that hair permanently"

There are so many myths about grey hair - the most common one is that if you pluck one strand of grey hair, two will grow in its place. There is absolutely no truth to this myth (we will get to the reason why hair turns grey in a couple of minutes). What happens when you pluck out grey hair is that a new grey hair will grow in its place. Plucking grey hair will not solve your problem so don't bother to pluck out your grey hair.

How Plucking Grey Hair Can Lead To Hair Loss

Plucking a strand of grey hair might not cause two grey hairs to grow in its place, but it can have another unintended effect - it can cause you to lose that hair permanently. This is because when you pluck out the same hair repeatedly, it can damage the hair follicle. This can make the hair grow back thinner or if the follicular damage is severe, you might just lose the hair completely. Getting bald spots is a lot worse than going grey, wouldn't you say!

Why Plucking Grey Hair Causes Ingrown Hair

Another problem with plucking grey hair is that it can result in an ingrown hair. When you pull out grey hair, you damage the lining that surrounds that strand of hair. This lining guides the growth of the hair and ensures that it grows straight up to the surface of your skin. When this happens, the new hair that grows is more likely to grow underneath your skin as an ingrown hair. It's easy to notice ingrown hair on your arms and legs, but you might not notice the ones on your scalp until they form painful bumps.

Why Does Hair Turn Grey?

"The loss of the pigment that gives hair its color results in hair that is transparent white in color"

As most of us know, the pigment called melanin gives our skin its color. But did you know that this same pigment also gives hair its color. However, the cells that produce this pigment sometimes die and so your hair no longer contains melanin, turning them transparent white color in the process.

Aging is the most common cause of grey hair, but in recent years more and more people in their 20s and 30s have started to experience graying. The rising stress levels caused by a faster pace of life is considered to be one of the main reasons for early graying. Several studies confirm that stress increases levels of free radicals and so prolonged stress accelerates graying.

Plucking grey hair is not the solution, especially since the process of graying is irreversible. However, you can dye your hair or use henna to darken and disguise grey hair.

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