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Genewin Biotech emerges as the leading bamboo producer in India

20 Jun 2022.10:37 AM

With the rising population and the constant climatic change, the world is experiencing major differences in its inherent nature. Climate change is caused by a variety of "natural" and "anthropogenic" (human-caused) processes.

It has always occurred on earth, as evidenced by the geological record; nevertheless, the current rate and scale of climate change are causing widespread problems. Considering the need of the hour, Genewin Biotech, one of the leading producers of tissue culture plants, has been making every effort to revolutionize the growth of agriculture in India.

The brand has been bestowed with a highly equipped Research and Development wing. Incepted in 2007 under the guidance of the CEO Dr. Palani Venugopal and COO Er. Goutham Palani, the brand is meticulously producing bamboo plants to combat pollution and protect against harmful UV rays. Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world, thus restoring degraded land and forests with it can significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Reports say that cities will face water scarcity by the year 2030 and villages by 2050. The groundwater TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) has already increased up to 700ppm in most places. Due to this bad quality of underground water, the agricultural sector is facing a huge downfall and the farmers are suffering a lot.

Therefore the only way to sustain a healthy climate is by planting bamboo plants to control pollution, says Er. Goutham Palani, COO of Genewin Biotech, Hosur.

Bamboo is the faster carbon sink that minimizes pollution, produce more oxygen, and absorbs Green House gases. The oximeter test results show that the bamboo parks have an oxygen level of 30 - 35% more than the average of 21% in the air and less than 15% in cities. Developed nations employ bamboo as a defensive element to protect their crops and villages from relentless washing. Bamboo roots help minimize erosion because they create a water barrier. Furthermore, bamboo consumes a lot of nitrogen, which reduces water pollution.

Genewin Biotech, India's largest producer of bamboo plants, has been successful in safeguarding the environment against harmful radiations and climate change disruptions. With the vision to foster a cleaner and eco-friendly environment, the company is ensuring to produce disease-free Banana, Bamboo, Vanilla, Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, Turmeric, and Ginger plants (Export Quality) on a large scale. They aim to produce 5 million plants per year through tissue culture techniques and further sell them at the lowest price across the country.

Bamboo plantlets are produced by Genewin Biotech in Hosur using tissue culture methods. These plants are virus- and disease-free. They produce a wide variety of bamboos, including Nutans, Asper, Tulda, Brandisii, Balcooa, Stocksii, and oliverii, which may sequester up to 62 tonnes of carbon annually per hectare while only 18 tonnes can be sequestered annually per hectare in forest plantations.

Genewin Biotech, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company aspires to establish a stronger Ecos-system to provide more inventive products swiftly. The company has been established in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. Recognized by the Department of Biotechnology, under the NCS-TCP ministry of science and technology, the Government of India, Genewin Biotech has carved its niche in the agricultural sector. Tissue culture is an effective technology that can be optimized for mass propagation of elite and high-yielding plants that promote sustainable, genetically pure, and high-potential plants on a large scale within a short span of time.

Known for its impeccable quality plants, testing services, and analysis services, the brand has been continually exporting nearly 80% of its products in the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, and Bangladesh. For its first-of-its-kind approach and extraordinary vision to protect the environment, the brand has been time and again awarded for its exceptional services. The brand has received 'The world quality commitment award' held at Paris in October 2015 and attained the Business & Industrial excellence award by the Indian Economic development and research association.



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