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GrowPartner establishes an e-learning community to upskill individuals

15 Feb 2022.11:17 AM

The constant advancement in technology has worked as a catalyst to all forms of change in the human lifestyle. Especially post the pandemic, the reliance on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices has increased excessively.

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The impact of this change can also be witnessed in the educational sector as e-learning processes. Electronic educational materials, such as optical discs or pen drives, are progressively replacing the traditional methods of learning. Knowledge can also be disseminated over the Internet, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere and at any time. The global e-learning market is anticipated to expand by $320 billion by 2025 giving rise to many new e-learning platforms. One such online learning platform is GrowPartner, which allows people to master essential skills at their own speed.

GrowPartner believes that digitalization has affected every sphere including education, where it has resulted in considerable changes in how education is delivered and received. The platform decodes that until the turn of the century, India's education system relied on traditional classroom-based learning, with pupils lacking the opportunity to participate in immersion sessions. It's become critical to simplify ideas and give students the confidence they need to cope internationally in order to meet the demands of changing times. Hence, GlowPartner is working diligently to break through these conventional hindrances. Dhanraj Dhanokar, who is an entrepreneur and CEO of GrowPartner has constructed an e-learning platform from the ground up to meet the needs of the rising e-learning market.

Businesses began to relocate to the digital world in 2020, when India was placed under a prolonged lockdown, in order to reach a larger audience and avoid the Covid19-induced economic downturn. Proper digital marketing strategies are required to run a profitable digital business and develop a brand. However, there were no digital marketing courses available at the time to assist ambitious businesses and marketers. GrowPartner arose from the need to fill a gap in the market that was widening. It is a platform that provides complete digital marketing courses to anyone looking to learn new skills from the comfort of their own homes. This online learning platform promises to train people in real-life skills so that they can produce income through internet enterprises or freelancing jobs through online courses and live instruction.

Talking about his take towards the growing popularity of the platform, Dhanraj Dhanokar stated, "GrowPartner has developed into a vibrant learners' community of over 10,000 students in just one year. On February 1, 2022, GrowPartner 2.0, the e-learning platform's attempt to create a learning ecosystem and community, would be introduced. Their new app and website will provide online classes in finance, technology, the arts, and a range of other disciplines, in addition to digital marketing. Disruptive technologies are the twenty-first century's signature. In recent years, fresh technologies and concepts such as blockchain, bitcoin, and NFT have been introduced to the world. The broader public, on the other hand, is still unfamiliar with all of these novel ideas."

The education business is adopting the disruptive qualities of technology as the rest of the world moves to digital. GrowPartner is a company that uses the power of e-learning to help people grow. Even working professionals can now use their courses to upskill themselves without regard to time or location constraints. GrowPartner plans to build a community of 1 lakh learners and 1,000 creators/instructors by 2022, despite the fact that the e-learning sector is rapidly expanding.



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