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Homegrown brand - TrenBee stands out as one of the most desirable fashion labels of 2020

27 Feb 2021.4:41 PM

Influential, contemporary, and Trendsetter, Trenbee is revolutionizing a wholly modern approach to trends in fashion. Founded by Ankita Khanna and Yash Sharma, Trenbee combines traditional craftsmanship and top-notch quality essentials to create Trendsetter Apparels and Style Statement Accessories for Women. The fash-tech brand has redefined luxury for the Millenials

reinforcing its position as one of the desirable fashion labels for the 21st century.

Based in New Delhi, Trenbee was born to make fashion accessible for modern women. They aim to bring world-class fashion and trends curated for every mood, occasion, and style.

You can often spot some of the top fitness and fashion influencers, celebrities, and artists in Trenbee.

Eclectic, contemporary, Trendsetter - Trenbee products represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for the quality and a punch of revolving trends. With the Collections Ranging from Basic to Premium, the brand does not confine to following the Fashion and Trends, with Trenbee, you Be the Trend!

The Idea behind Trenbee

Trenbee has developed over the years as a symbol of trends representing not only luxury with a purpose but also as a form of slang. Additionally, Trenbee's ideology of boldness and breaking the stereotypes has lent itself over as a cult culture for many influencers and celebrities - leading to the development of this slang.

luxury with Purpose

By making products that change everyday trends into personalized and comforting experiences, Trenbee defines luxury as being able to set your trends and fashion statements. Trenbee aims to craft products that don't just look and feel good but are most importantly good for the wide range of clientele from all parts of India.

Meaning of Trenbee Logo

The use of T in the TrenBee's logo marks as a symbol of ever-changing Trends that are represented by the flipped segment. It also signifies the group of interest from the choice of colors. Being said, black is not just a color but is a lifestyle with a dash of pink highlighting the lifestyle choice of the targeting audience- women of the 21st century.

Dive into the world of Trenbee

For its collection covering a wide range of products, TrenBee takes its inspiration from a specter of elements across the globe which each product is inspired by the places, sports, culture, interests, and art from all across the globe to deliver an experience for the patrons of the brand.

All the collections are live on their official website - Trenbee wholeheartedly invites you to join the cult and become a part of the community of trendsetters.



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