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Inspiring Success story of Mr Ravindra Shankar Sawant: Founder & CEO of Raviraj Realty

18 Apr 2022.05:36 AM

Starting from scratch Mr Ravindra Shankar Sawant has nurtured and grown his empire into now over a 100crore net worth company.

Born on 2nd June 1959, Ravindra Shankar Sawant is the founder of Raviraj Realty - A Mumbai based Real Estate Developer, Businessman and respected Philanthropist. Currently, he is presiding over the Raviraj Realty Group and when he is not building an empire he dedicates his time to the welfare of society.

On a personal front, Ravindra Shankar Sawant stays in Mumbai with his wife Rohini Ravindra Sawant and three children Rajshree - who holds a Masters's degree in Marketing Management from the University of Surrey, Rahul - who holds a PGDM in Real Estate Management from NM College, Mumbai and Raveena - who holds a BAF degree and is pursuing an MBA in Finance, who are all currently involved in the Raviraj Realty Group and are planning on making the company reach newer heights of success.

How did his career begin?

Ravindra Shankar Sawant's life story is nothing short of a Blockbuster Bollywood movie but the only difference is this is a true story of a man who built an empire from scratch. Ravindra Shankar Sawant is the son of Shri Shankar Mahadeo Sawant, a farmer from the evergreen region of Konkan. At the age of 15, Mr Ravindra Shankar Sawant came to Mumbai with nothing more than a dream of creating a fortune.

At a very early age, Ravindra Shankar Sawant tried his hand at various jobs. His career at this point seemed to be doing well and was growing at a steady pace. However, there was still something missing. That is when he moved into the Real Estate market, which is where he found his calling. And since then with the love and support of his wife, Mr Ravindra Shankar Sawant turned his passion into his career!

Story of Raviraj Realty

Since its formation in 1986, Raviraj Realty Group did nothing but flourish to great heights under the expertise and sharp vision of Mr Ravindra Shankar Sawant. Raviraj Realty's journey started in the suburbs of Mumbai at Mira Road. Back in the day, this unexplored territory was where real estate development was untouched. Mr Ravindra Shankar Sawant took this opportunity to give the people affordable homes with an uncompromised quality standard.

The Raviraj Realty Group properties to this date are the epitome of quality. From luxury properties to affordable housing Raviraj Realty Group cater to all sections of its clientele. For over 3 decades, Raviraj Realty has not only provided homes to their customers but has also increased their standard of living by providing state of the art facilities.

Starting from scratch Mr Ravindra Shankar Sawant has nurtured and grown his empire into now over a 100crore net worth company. Raviraj Realty is without a doubt become an established name in itself in the real estate sector in India with a promise of growth in the next 5-10years globally.




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