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Karnataka: Tourists will be able to enjoy helicopter ride in low price, Mysore will start soon

Karnataka is going to start helicopter tourism in some parts of the state. Helicopter tourism will play an important role in connecting tourists to neighboring states. It will first be started from Mysuru (Mysuru). Talking to the media on Tuesday, Karnataka Tourism Minister CP Yogeshwar (Tourism Minister CP Yogeeshwara) said that helicopter tourism in the state will be developed on the lines of Gujarat.

He told that helicopter tourism will be started soon from Mysore. However, it will also be expanded to other parts of the state including Bengaluru, Belagavi and Kalaburagi. According to the minister, helicopter tours will be available at a cheaper price. Helicopter tourism in Mysuru was being considered for a long time.

Enjoy helicopter ride in low price

The concerned departments have been ordered to arrange for the construction of a helicopter terminal in Mysore. The minister said that the price of helicopter rides will be cheaper, so that more and more people can take advantage of it. The tourism minister said, 'For the expansion of government schemes, the authorities have planned to bring the hospitality sector in Mysore. In these, plans have been made to bring hotels especially under the commercial sector. Because this will give a boost to the tourism industry '.

'One Nation - One Tax' will be applicable

He said that there is more inter-state road tax here than in the neighboring states, which is a hindrance in the development of tourism in Mysore. The minister said that to solve these problems, 'One Nation-One Tax' will be implemented. He also said that Karnataka tax will be implemented on the basis of Kerala model. However, road tax will be imposed on the tourist vehicles coming in the state.

'Priority to develop tourism in the state'

Minister Yogeshwara said that the priority of his ministry is to develop tourism in the state. He said that a decision in this regard will be taken after a meeting with the Minister of Water Resources. Yogeshwara also said that on March 8, 2021, special provision can be expected in the budget of Karnataka for the development of tourism.

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