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Director Suvendu Das’s Beg for Life which has been critically acclaimed and won numerous awards in the prestigious Film Festivals

21 Dec 2020.2:14 PM

Music and Trailer launch at Sanjha Chulha of Director Suvendu Das’s Beg for Life which has been critically acclaimed and won numerous awards in the prestigious Film Festivals like Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 20, Rashtra Prerna Award,  Golden Fox Award, Tagore International Film Festival 20, Indian Cine Film Festival Mumbai 20 and several others. Suvendu Das has been blessed for winning more prestigious awards like Mexico International Film Festival, Asian International Film Festival, South Indian International Film Award, Delhi International Film Festival, Cannes International Independent Film Festival, Cochin International Film Award, Nepal Cultural International Film Festival, . Real Time International Film Festival . and many others.

Beg for Life is produced under the banner of ‘Soummyadip Films’ by Soummyadip Mandal. Our veteran actor Late Tapas Paul can be seen in a pivotal role along with  Biswajit Chakraborty, Sneha Biswas, Srikanta Manna, Roni biswal, Rupam das, Soumalya sadhukhan, Sayandip Dey, Priti Nayek are also shared the screen.

Director of photography is Abir Dutta. Music is given by Sumanta Samanta and Lyrics are penned down by Surajit barick. Besides acting Sneha Biswas has also lent her voice along with Jaydip sen.

Shooting has been scheduled at Kanthi, Mandarmani and different places of Kolkata.

A doomed young life in the hands of the begging-mafia



Beg for Life – Raju, a 10-year old beggar, lives in a slum with his mother, Rani. Shankar, the kingpin of a begging-mafia, exploits young children, often selling their organs and forcing the kids into the streets to a life of misery. Raju and his friends are just victims of Shankar’s system of exploitation. Things take a turn for the worse for Raju when he discovers an affair between his mother and Shankar. Unable to accept this illicit relationship, Raju uses his mother’s money to take recourse to drinking and intoxication. When his mother discovers this, she is extremely furious. Meanwhile,


unable to bear the growing intimacy between his mother and Shankar, Raju stays away from home, spending time with his friends. When Rani fails to find her son, she requests Shankar to help. Once Shankar finds him, he convinces Rani to sell of Raju’s any one organ, telling her that it would help her make more money and also impair him at the same time. As a mother will she agree to commit this heinous crime?

About Director – Mr. Suvendu Das loves to stand out from the crowd and has a creative soul. Mr. Das is concerned about social issues and has chosen audio-visual media to spread his messages and awareness. The stories of his Feature Films, Documentaries, Short Films revolve around qualities of life. He is doing justice to his profession and has already Directed Short Film, Documentary and Feature Films. 'Sparsho' dealt with Greed, Compromise, Not a love Story, Fake love, Brother, Teen Kahini, Stranger, Reality Etc. Mr. Das has made two (2) more documentary - One is about a school that is situated at North 24 Parganas. The school is in very bad condition, and another is about the minority community ("Struggle of life"). His feature films are 'Futo' , Samapti, Black, Salesman.



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